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What is the full form of HDI

HDI: Human Development Index

HDI stands for Human Development Index. It refers to a statistical tool that is used to measure the achievement of a country in its socio-economical dimensions, e.g. health of people, their level of education, and their standard of living. It is developed to emphasize that people and their skill and abilities should be the main criteria for evaluating the development of a country, not economic growth only.

HDI full form

HDI was developed by Indian Economist Amartya Sen and Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq. Later, it was used by United Nations to evaluate the social and economic development of the countries. HDI is calculated on the basis of four parameters which are as follows:

  • Life expectancy at birth
  • Expected years of schooling
  • Mean years of schooling
  • Gross national income per capita: standard of living

The higher score of HDI of a country shows that the people of this country have better lifespan, higher education level and higher GNP per capita.

HDI is published annually by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It ranks countries on the basis of HDI report released in its annual report. HDI is considered one of the best tools to periodically evaluate the development of a country as it is based on all the major socio-economic indicators which are responsible for the economic development.

2016 Human Development Index ? Top Ten Rankings

Rank Country HDI Life Expectancy at Birth Expected Year of Schooling Mean Years of Schooling Gross National Income per Capita
1. Norway 0.949 81.7 17.7 12.7 67,614
2. Australia 0.939 82.5 20.4 13.2 42,822
3. Switzerland 0.939 83.1 16.0 13.4 56,364
4. Germany 0.926 81.1 17.1 13.2 45,000
5. Singapore 0.925 83.2 15.4 11.6 78,162
6. Denmark 0.925 80.4 19.2 12.7 44,519
7. Netherlands 0.924 81.7 18.1 11.9 46,326
8. Ireland 0.923 81.1 18.6 12.3 43,798
9. Iceland 0.921 82.7 19.0 12.2 37,065
10. Canada 0.920 82.2 16.3 13.1 42,582
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