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IoT Decision Framework

The IoT decision framework provides a structured approach to create a powerful IoT product strategy. The IoT decision framework is all about the strategic decision making. The IoT Decision Framework helps us to understand the areas where we need to make decisions and ensures consistency across all of our strategic business decision, technical and more.

The IoT decision framework is much more important as the product or services communicates over networks goes through five different layers of complexity of technology.

  1. Device Hardware
  2. Device Software
  3. Communications
  4. Cloud Platform
  5. Cloud Application
Internet of Things (IoT) Decision Framework

Decision Area

The IoT decision framework pays attention to six key decision areas in any IoT product. These decision areas are:

  1. User Experience (UX)
  2. Data
  3. Business
  4. Technology
  5. Security
  6. Standards & Regulations

Each of these decision areas is evaluated at each of the IoT Technology Stack. The User Experience will be evaluated at Device Hardware, Device Software and so to provide the better user experience. Then at the next step Data Decision Area, we have to explore data considerations for all the stages of IoT Technology Stack.

Internet of Things (IoT) Decision Framework

Decision Area of the IoT Decision Framework

Let's see each of the Decision Area of IoT Decision Framework in detail:

  1. User Experience Decision Area: This is the area where we concentrate about who are the users, what are their requirements and how to provide a great experience at each step of IoT stack without worrying about the technical details.
  2. Data Decision Area: In this area, we make the overall data strategy such as the data flow over the entire IoT stack to fulfill the user's requirements.
  3. Business Decision Area: Based on the previous decisions area, we make the decision how product or services will became financial potential. At each of the IoT Stack level are monetized about the costs of providing services.
  4. Technology Decision Area: In this area, we work with the technology for each layer to facilitate the final solution.
  5. Security Decision Area: After going through the implementation of technology it is important to decide and provide the security at each stage of the IoT Stack.
  6. Standards & Regulations Decision Area: At the last stage of IoT Decision Area, we identify the standards and regulations of product or services that will affect your product at each layer of the IoT Stack.

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