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What are Smarts Objects in IoT

The concept of smart in IoT is used for physical objects that are active, digital, networked, can operate to some extent autonomously, reconfigurable and has local control of the resources. The smart objects need energy, data storage, etc.

A smart object is an object that enhances the interaction with other smart objects as well as with people also. The world of IoT is the network of interconnected heterogeneous objects (such as smart devices, smart objects, sensors, actuators, RFID, embedded computers, etc.) uniquely addressable and based on standard communication protocols.

In a day to day life, people have a lot of object with internet or wireless or wired connection. Such as:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • TV computer

These objects can be interconnected among them and facilitate our daily life (smart home, smart cities) no matter the situation, localization, accessibility to a sensor, size, scenario or the risk of danger.

IoT smart objects

Smart objects are utilized widely to transform the physical environment around us to a digital world using the Internet of things (IoT) technologies.

A smart object carries blocks of application logic that make sense for their local situation and interact with human users. A smart object sense, log, and interpret the occurrence within themselves and the environment, and intercommunicate with each other and exchange information with people.

The work of smart object has focused on technical aspects (such as software infrastructure, hardware platforms, etc.) and application scenarios. Application areas range from supply-chain management and enterprise applications (home and hospital) to healthcare and industrial workplace support. As for human interface aspects of smart-object technologies are just beginning to receive attention from the environment.

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