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Internet of Things (IoT) in Transportation

Internet of Things (IoT) has crucial applications in the transportation system. IoT plays an important role in all the field of transportation as air-transportation, water-transportation, and land transportation. All the component of these transportation fields is built with smart devices (sensors, processors) and interconnected through cloud server or different servers that transmit data to networks.

IoT Transportation

Connected to every means of travel

IoT in transportation is not only for traveling from one place to another, but it also makes safer, greener and more convenient. For example, a smart car performs work simultaneously such as navigation, communication, entertainment, efficient, more reliable travel. IoT facilitates travelers to remain seamlessly connected to every means of travel. The vehicle is connected with the variety of wireless standards to the internet such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, intelligent traffic system, and even to other vehicles.

IoT Transportation

Traffic Monitoring and Avoid Collision

Sensors built inside or outside a vehicle suggest lane departure and continuously monitor object at all side to avoid the collision. IoT component of transportation does not only mean within the vehicle, but it extends beyond car to communicate other, enabling automate real-time decision to optimize travel. For example, traffic monitoring camera identifies the accident or traffic conjunction and send an alert message to the nearest traffic control room and send current traffic conjunction information to other near vehicles to divert their route.

IoT Transportation

IoT also helps in tracking vehicle current location and distance travel.

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