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IoT in Smart Home and Smart City Application

Implementing IoT system in home and city leads them to become as smart home and smart city. Smart home or smart city make life quite easier and smarter.

A smart home system can be something that makes our life quite easy. Starting from energy management where the power controls system in the AC appliances where we use the thermostat, all this is managed to cut down the power consumption that's taking place. A door management system, security management system, water management system are the part of this as well. Still, these are vital things that stand out in the smart home system. The limitation of IoT in smart home application stops where our imagination stops. Anything that we wish to automate or want to make our life easier can be a part of smart home, a smartphone system as well.

IoT Smart Home and Smart City Application

Now, a smart home usually is going to be a base of a smart city. The smart city is an evolution of a smart home. Here, it is not just the sensors of a single home that is connected, here its correlation or a network or a connection between various organizations, various domains as well as multiple segments of that city as a whole. In the smart city, the life of every single dependent becomes more comfortable and in tune really help to develop that city to greater extends as such. Now, the key factor for a smart city is government support as well, and if the governments are willing to take this step, then we hope we would see a smart city completely build on the Internet of Things.

IoT Smart Home and Smart City Application

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