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What is the full form of KAS

KAS: Karnataka Administrative Services

KAS stands for Karnataka Administrative Services. Candidates are being sought by the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) through the Group 'A' Gazetted Probationers Exam. There are three stages to the exam, also known as the Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS) Exam. The final Prelims were held on August 24, 2020. The KAS Mains test will be held from February 13 through February 16, 2021. Dates for KPSC interviews have yet to be released. The Commission still needs to make the KPSC KAS Exam Notification for 2022 available on its official website.

What is the full form of KAS

The Newest information regarding KAS Mains is that the whole KAS Mains timetable is available. The KPSC KAS Admit Card for the Gazetted Probationers Exam (Mains) Examination will be released on February month. KAS Prelims Results were previously announced on the official website and are also available for download as well.

About The KPSC KAS

Hiring state civil service personnel is delegated to the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC). To guide the government and other relevant authorities about the appointment of state civil service officers, the "Central Appointment Board" was established in the State in 1921. The Karnataka State Public Service Commission was established on May 18, 1951, following independence. According to the Indian Constitution, the state government appoints the chairperson and another state public service commission member. There are nine members and a chairman of the KPSC. State public service commission members are in office until they reach age 62 or the end of their six-year term, whichever comes first.

The position of KPSC chairman has been open since T Sham Bhat retired. Shadakshari Swamy, a retired IAS official, serves as KPSC's President. In 2017, Swamy was appointed to the KPSC. The KPSC holds departmental and competitive exams to fill openings for Group A, B, and C positions. Both technical and non-technical titles are available for the positions. Exams offered by KPSC for various positions include:

  • Assistant in first division (FDA)
  • Deputy Second Division (SDA)
  • Sub-Inspector (Excise) (Excise)
  • Headteacher and educator (RPC)
  • Drug Inspectors
  • Junior Training Officers
  • Assistant Secretaries
  • Assistant Librarians
  • Panchayat Development Officers
  • Assistant Forest Conservators
  • Gazetted Probationers

Candidates should go to the Karnataka Public Service Commission's official website ( for a list of impending announcements, exam dates, results, and other information.

What does KPSC KAS do

The government occasionally abides by its ideals when making appointments. Before 1921, the State lacked a central authority to advise the government and other hiring authorities on hiring individuals for the state civil services. 80 EAG308 is Order No. 1827. Dated: 16-05-1921, for the first time, the government gave the recruitment centre, the moniker "Central Recruitment Board." Up until 1940, this board was part of the Government Secretariat. The government constituted the Public Service Commissioner following Order No. 3685-3735- CB 103-39-1, dated January 19, 1940.

What is the full form of KAS

Following the Indian Constitution's provisions, the Public Service Commission was established on May 18, 1951. The Public Service Commissioner's staff continued to serve as the Public Service Commission's staff centre beginning on May 18, 1951, following Section 14 of the Public Service Commission Rules, 1950. The Mysore (now Karnataka) Government Ministry's Office of the Central Recruitment Board adhered to the Government Ministry Manual for Office Procedures. The appropriate notifications continued to be issued in the office of the Public Service Commissioner and later in the office of the Public Service Commission to carry out the recruitment and conduct of competitive examinations, departmental examinations, etc.

The President assumed leadership after Shri HB Gundappa Gowda, Chairman Shri George Mathan, and Shri H.M. Mallikarjunappa were appointed members of the Commission following Clause III of the Mysore Public Service Commission Regulations, 1950. He took office on May 19, 23, and 25, 1951. Since then, the government has selected 67 members and 13 chairpersons for the panel. Until May 20, 1951, the Public Service Commission's office was located at Bangalore's "United India" building. The Commission's office was moved to " Balabrui " on Palace Road in Bangalore on April 21, 1951. It remained there till November 7, 1956, due to the facilities needing to meet the actual needs of the Commission.


The Commission announced the notification for the exam for gazetted probationers in January 2020 for the academic year 2017-18. There has not yet been a release of the KPSC KAS notification for 2022. Candidates should know that the KAS exam structure has changed as they prepare for KAS 2022. The KAS Mains exam does not include Optional Papers.

Exam for KAS Gazetted Probationers (Mains)

Dates for KAS Mains 2017-18 is available. The KAS Gazetted Probationer Examination 2017-18's Main Examination will be held from February 13-February 16, 2021. The KPSC Mains Exam has no optional papers. To understand the Mains exam, consult the KAS Exam Pattern.

Important Instructions for Online KAS (Mains) Exam Application:

Check out the official webpage at"Application For Gazetted Probationers -2017-18 (Main Examination)" can be accessed by their link.Using your username and password to log in while registering for the KAS Prelims exam.Provide details (education qualification, service experience, etc.).Before submitting your application, review it. If any errors are discovered, applicants can edit their entries using the "Edit" option. The Commission will only accept applications that are paid for.Candidates who need help applying online should call 18005728707 for more help.

How to Pay the KAS Mains Exam Fees

  1. After logging in, select "My Account."
  2. Several alerts and "Pay Now" links will appear on the screen.
  3. Select the notification you want to pay for, then choose from one of the following methods: credit card, debit card, net banking, or the "Common Service Center."
  4. Print the application, affix the self-attested copies of your documentation, and mail it to the Commission by or before December month.

The revised date for the KPSC KAS Gazetted KPSC announces Probationers Group 'A' preliminary examination on August month. The COVID-19 norms were also brought by the Karnataka Public Service Commission for the candidates to adhere to while taking the test. The Commission gave notice to the test locations where the preliminary examination was administered. The list of KAS exam centres is shown below:

Aspirants for the KPSC KAS exam had to submit their applications by the month of March in the following cities:

  • Bangalore
  • Belagavi
  • Bellari
  • Davangere
  • Dharwad/Hubli
  • Kalaburagi
  • Mangalore
  • Mysore
  • Raichur.

The acronym KPSC KAS, which stands for Kerala Public Service Commission - Kerala Administrative Service, should be known by aspirants.

What is the full form of KAS

Karnataka Administrative Service Exam

The KPSC recruit's officers for the Karnataka Administrative Service through the Gazetted Probationers Exam. The KPSC KAS exam, also known as the Gazetted Probationers Exam, is scheduled to be held annually but has only been in recent years.

Important details:

  • Verify whether you qualify to take the KPSC KAS Exam.
  • Examine the thorough KAS Prelims and Mains syllabus.
  • For KAS preparation, gather information and study materials.
  • Download KPSC KAS's previous year's test questions as PDFs.
  • The complaints of alleged bribe-taking against KPSC members and the finalization of the reservation quotas for candidates from the Hyderabad-Karnataka region (under the provisions of Article 371(J) of the Indian Constitution) and women candidates have been blamed for the various delays over the past ten years.
  • Recently, they raised the percentage of applicants with a reserve for women to 33%.
  • The only two Indian states that grant women's population reservation in state civil service positions are Karnataka and West Bengal.

The following KPSC Recruitment Guidelines Apply to the Recruitment:

  • State Civil Services Act of Karnataka, 1978
  • Rules for Gazetted Probationers Recruitment (Appointment by Competitive Examinations) in Karnataka, 1997
  • The 2014 amendment to the Karnataka Recruitment of Gazetted Probationers (Appointment by Competitive Examinations) Rules.
  • Regulations from 2016 amend the rules of Karnataka Recruitment of Gazetted Probationers (Appointment by Competitive Examinations).

Due to recent changes to the exam's rules, the KAS exam design now resembles the Civil Service Examination administered by the Union Public Service Commission.The Commission publishes a notice on KAS openings in newspapers and the Karnataka Gazette. The notification includes information on the requirements for participation, the type of exam, the anticipated number of openings, reservation information, etc. Candidates for the Karnataka civil service must pass the Kannada language paper in the KAS Mains to advance to the interview stage.However, candidates who already meet the language requirements imposed by the Commission are spared from taking the Kannada paper.Having successfully completed the SSLC exam, any exam deemed equivalent by the state government, or any exam higher than the SSLC in which Kannada is either the primary language, a secondary language, or an elective subject.Or if they completed their coursework in Kannada and received a passing grade or previously passed the Commission's Kannada language test.

Related KPSC KAS Questions

Are KPSC and KAS Identical?

By passing the Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS) exam, the KPSC, or Karnataka Public Service Commission, is qualified to hire officers for state government administration. Its official name is KPSC KAS Exam.

What positions are there in KAS?

The KPSC KAS exam selects applicants for numerous positions. Among the most significant are the following:

  • Second Division Assistant (SDA)
  • First Division Assistant (FDA)

How does one submit a KPSC KAS 2023 application?

The most recent KPSC announcement is the KAS notification for the 2017-18 Gazetted Probationers Exam. The KAS 2023 announcement is still pending. After receiving the notification, the applicant must complete the online application form.

Information about Departmental Exams

According to the Karnataka Public Service Commission (Conduct of Service Examination) Rules, 1965, and the Karnataka Civil Services (Service and Kannada Language Examinations) Rules, 1974, the Commission conducts the Service/Departmental Examinations required for government employees twice a year, between January and June for the first session and July to December for the second session. The exams shall be administered in conformity with the curriculum outlined in any general or particular instructions issued by the government. Two times a year, there are three levels for the departmental exams. The first stage of the tests is performed in each District for about 4 disciplines for which many applications exist.

What is the full form of KAS

Some other topics, for which few applications, have examinations held in selected 9 Districts in the second stage. Some other subjects only have examinations held in Bengaluru in the third stage. In Karnataka Bhavan in New Delhi and at Lalbahadur Shastri Academy in Mussoorie, state government employees employed in New Delhi and All India Service Probationers may appear. The Commission holds two sessions for the examination. Two months before the test date, the Commission publishes a notice in the Karnataka Gazette requesting online application submissions. Two significant daily news publications with significant readership in the State additionally publish a news item announcing the release of results, the date of the subsequent exam, and the deadline for submitting applications. Nineteen papers covering 13 subjects are examined using the traditional method with a central evaluation system, and 98 papers covering 63 subjects are examined using the objective multiple-choice method (OMR). The instructions to candidates attached to this information contain more information on these subjects.

Tickets for Admission

Candidates are advised to access the Commission's website and download their admission tickets well in advance of the start of the exam. The Commission will only send the candidates individual entry tickets. Since They won't supply a duplicate admittance ticket later, candidates are urged to keep it for future use.


At five locations, including the Commission's head office in Bengaluru and the other four locations where the Commission's regional offices/district offices are currently operating, a Kannada Viva-Voce test will be held for candidates who meet the eligibility requirements through a written examination in the language.

Announcement of Result

The Commission will publish the results of each examination, including the register numbers of the successful candidates, on the Commission's official website,, as well as in the Karnataka Gazette. The Controller of Departmental Examinations will sign a certificate and provide it to the successful candidates. No applicant will receive a separate statement of their grades because They will post the grades and results on the Commission's website.

Totalling of Marks

A candidate who has received a failing grade in any subject or paper may request a total of marks within 30 days of the result's release by paying a fee of $100 through an Indian Postal Order for each subject. They should mention that the departmental examination rules do not allow for the re-evaluation of the answer sheets.

Workflow for the Consultation Branch

According to Rule 214 of the Karnataka Civil Service Rules of the State Government and the Karnataka Public Service Commission (Consultation) Regulations 2000, this section addresses the following topics:

  1. The Karnataka State Civil Service (Promotion, Pay and Pension Rules) Rules, 1973, would be followed when making promotions.
  2. To issue a ruling on an appeal, revise an existing ruling, or order a review of any disciplinary issues.
  3. Proposes to pass an original order enforcing any fines issued following sections (v) and (viii) of rule 8 of the Karnataka Civil Services (Classification, Control, and Appeal) Rules, 1957.

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