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What is the full form of LPG

LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is a generic name that refers to a group of flammable hydrocarbon gasses like propane, butane, isobutane, etc. These gasses are liquefied by pressurization and commonly used as fuel.

Fullform Lpg

LPG is colourless, odourless and heavier than air. It has a high heating or caloric value that allows it produce more heat in a short lifetime. It is a clean-burning fuel which is usually sold in cylinders of different sizes in liquid form. So, it is a portable, convenient energy source that is easy to store, use and transport. The unpleasant smell of the LPG is due to the presence of an odorant which is added to LPG for safety reasons.

LPG is extracted from natural gas and crude oil through processing and refining respectively. So, it is a fossil fuel closely related to oil. Around 65% of the LPG that we use is obtained directly from deep within the Earth. The remaining is manufactured indirectly from petroleum or crude oil found under the surface of Earth. It exists in two forms (liquid and vapor) that depend on the pressure and temperate, e.g. When 270 liters of LPG (propane) is compressed it becomes one liter of liquid LPG.


LPG has many domestic and industrial uses. Some of its main uses are given below;

Cooking: For the cooking purpose, it is stored in liquid form in a cylinder or tank. It is an ideal fuel for cooking as it burns completely and does not produce smoke or leave any residue.

Heating: LPG heaters generate radiant heat and convection heat. There are also in-built consoles or ducted heating system in homes which use LPG to produce heat during winters. It is also used to heat water flowing through a closed pipe system to radiators.

Hot Water: LPG-operated geysers use LPG to produce hot water. They are commonly used in winters for bathing, washing, etc.

Motor fuel: LPG is also used as a motor fuel in vehicles like cars, buses, etc. It is an economical fuel as your vehicle will consume less LPG than petrol or diesel to travel the same distance. Also, LPG is more environment-friendly as it burns completely without producing smoke and leaving the residue.

Electricity: LPG is also used by the people who are living in a self-sufficient manner (off-the-grid) to generate electricity.

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