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What is the full form of L&T

L&T: Larsen and Toubro

L & T stands for Larsen and Toubro. It is an Indian multinational corporation with global operations. It is actively engaged in various sectors such as technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services.

Fullform Lt

L&T is headquartered at Mumbai, India and its business is spread across seven countries in addition to India. On the basis of its customer-focused approach and focus on world-class quality, it has become one of the largest and highly reputed private sector companies of India. In 2013, L&T was described as a bellwether of construction and engineering sector of India by NDTV.

Brief History

L&T was originated from a company which was founded in 1938 by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristan Toubro, in Mumbai (then Bombay). In the beginning, it started with the import of machinery from Europe. Later, it took on engineering and construction assignments. Later, it has set various benchmarks in engineering in terms of size and complexity.

Today, it is also counted amongst the world?s largest fabrication companies. It has a shipyard at Hazira, Gujarat where it can construct one hundred and fifty meter long vessels with the displacement of twenty thousand tons. Apart from this, submarines, ships, chemical tankers, defense vessels and CNG carriers are also constructed in this shipyard.

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