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What is the full form of M.Phil.

M.Phil.: Master of Philosophy

M.Phil Stands for Master of Philosophy. MPhil is a postgraduate research degree that takes two years to complete. An MPhil program is open to applicants from all fields, including humanities, commerce, science, law, and teaching. Candidates for the MPhil program are required to read both theoretical and applied content. Candidates must also undertake research and submit their findings add to this. Candidates may think about pursuing a Ph.D. program after passing an MPhil course.

M.Phil Full Form

Candidates who want to register for an MPhil program must fulfil all eligibility requirements. The primary need for qualifying is that candidates should achieve at least a 55% average grade score in the field of study in which they intend to pursue an MPhil degree at the postgraduate level. The criteria may vary between universities. Typically, applicants are selected for admission to an MPhil program based on how well they performed on an entrance exam, followed by a Personal Interview (PI) process.

Qualifications For M.Phil.:

M.Phil Full Form
  • A postgraduate degree is required, and at least 55% must be achieved.
  • Reserved categories are given a 5% relaxation.
  • Even if you have passed a NET, SET, or GATE exam, there is little flexibility in the minimum score requirement.

List Of M.Phil Programs

1. Phil History:

M.Phil Full Form

The full name of MPhil History is Master of Philosophy in History. The creative and demanding two-year MPhil in History program gives a comprehensive education in historical methodology.

It provides a variety of specialized alternatives informed by the most recent research and a prolonged period devoted to historical study and writing.

2. Phil Economics:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Economics is the complete form of MPhil Economics. The MPhil in Economics is intended to give in-depth instruction in economic theory, practical economics, and econometric techniques. The first two years of a Ph.D. program are similar to a US university.

3. Phil Linguistics:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Linguistics is the complete form of MPhil Linguistics. The MPhil in Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics is a taught program that offers various specialization options for graduates seeking a higher academic degree in language studies.

These options include general linguistics (including phonetics but excluding applied linguistics), historical and comparative linguistics, or the linguistics of a specific language.

4. Phil English:

M.Phil Full Form

Masters of Philosophy in English is the complete form of MPhil English. The MPhil is a two-year program created for students who want an in-depth understanding of medieval English language and literature and related fields at an advanced level, either as a preparation for doctorate study or as a stand-alone degree.

5. Phil In Geography:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Geography is the complete form of an MPhil in Geography. MPhil Geography is a broader geographical study that also acts as preparation for those wishing to pursue doctorate studies.

MPhil Geography is a specialist research-based degree focusing on ancient India's history and culture and archaeology and history graduate degrees.

6. Phil In Sociology:

M.Phil Full Form

The full name of an MPhil in Sociology is Master of Philosophy in Sociology. The MPhil will provide you with a solid basis for various careers, including those in academia, and will prepare you for doctorate studies in sociology and demography, as well as positions requiring significant research.

Population-level analyses and demographic measurements are highlighted throughout the program. A journey in life perspective

7. Phil In Political Science:

M.Phil Full Form

The full name of an MPhil in Political Science is Master of Philosophy in Political Science. The MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) is a two-year advanced graduate degree that teaches research methods and procedures and helps you to get an in-depth understanding of this branch of the study. It is also appropriate if you intend to conduct Ph.D. research.

8. Phil Hindi:

M.Phil Full Form

MPhil Hindi is the full name of Master of Philosophy in Hindi, and a postgraduate research study in Hindi is called M.Phil. in Hindi or Master of Philosophy in Hindi. Although the course is similar to a Ph.D., there are various vital differences.

Several institutions offer this course in conjunction with Ph.D. programs. The average period lasts two years, although it may last longer if distance learning is chosen. The M.Phil. length is meant to be one year when the M.Phil.-Ph.D. integrated course is undertaken.

The primary requirement for pursuing an M.Phil. in Hindi is that the student holds a master's degree in Hindi from an academic college and meets the minimum score requirements set out by the relevant university.

9. Phil Public Administration:

M.Phil Full Form

The full name of a Master of Philosophy in Public Administration is MPhil Public Administration. A postgraduate academic research degree program is the M.Phil in Public Administration.

The degree program is organized into four semesters and may be completed in two years, and it creates numerous employment possibilities in government agencies, universities, and businesses. The curriculum imparts information through teaching, research, consulting, and management.

10. M. Phil In Humanities & Social Science:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Humanities & Social Science Is the complete form of MPhil in Humanities & Social Science. One of the leading academic fields is humanities and social sciences.

Students learn about how history, art, music, religion, and culture have influenced the present world in this study area. Humanities and social science careers are not typically seen as excellent career movers, which is untrue, as several job options are open to students in these fields.

11. M. Phil Social Work:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Social Work is the complete form of MPhil Social Work. An MSW course, or Master of Social Work, is a postgraduate degree focusing on the social work profession.

The two years of the MSW program are typically split into four semesters. Candidates can participate in a full-time MSW program or even a part-time distance-learning program.

12. M. Phil In Biology:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Biology Is the complete form of an MPhil in Biology. Scientists that study lifeforms and how they interact with their environment are known as biologists.

You can pursue a profession in biology by enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate course. Graduate and postgraduate biology students can seek employment in medicine, zoology, agriculture, and wildlife management.

13. M. Phil In Chemistry:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Chemistry is the complete form of an MPhil in Chemistry. The study of matter, including its compositions, characteristics, and interactions with other elements, is known as chemistry.

Everything with mass and space is considered to be matter, and every physical object in our environment is created of value. Comprehending chemistry gives a foundation for understanding both fundamental and applied science areas.

14. M. Phil Physics:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Physics Is the complete form of MPhil Physics. A trained physicist is a scientist who focuses on experiments to advance and improve ideas that are relevant to electronics, transportation, chemistry, biology, engineering, and geography.

As a result, physics courses are designed for intelligent students with a strong interest in and attention to the topic. This program is respected. Famous physicists from our nation include Homi Bhabha, APJ Abdul Kalam, C.V. Raman, Satyendra Nath Bose, and many others.

15. M. Phil Biotechnology:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology Is the complete form of MPhil Biotechnology. A science based on biology is called biotechnology. Every living thing is built on DNA. In several fields, biotechnology provides various benefits. In the medical area, for instance, we can choose specific vitamins and minerals to increase the nutritional value of plants.

Imagine living in a world where most foods we consume are rich in vitamins and minerals. Biotechnology is prevalent; it helps us live better lives and creates a healthier world.

16. M. Phil Botany:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Botany is the complete form of MPhil Botany. In India, students who desire to specialize in science always choose botany. The topic goes in-depth on the many plant types, their structures, growth, uses, and life cycles. The tiniest algae or fungus to the most prominent kinds of trees are studied.

17. M. Phil In Computer Science:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Computer Science is the complete form of an MPhil in Computer Science. A computer science degree focuses on the concepts behind computing and information; Studies in networking, programming languages,

multimedia development, computer security, and other fields are available to students. Courses in computer science are available at the bachelor's and master's levels. Additionally, several national institutions offer diploma and certificate programs in the area.

18. M. Phil In Zoology:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy in Zoology is the completed form of MPhil in Zoology. One of the most well-known scientific fields that deals with the study of animals is zoology.

Candidates for this subject receive training in biology, chemistry, genetics, evolution, ecology, behaviour, and conservation of animals, among other topics. Both full-time and part-time zoology courses are available at the graduate and postgraduate levels.

19. M. Phil In Mathematical Sciences:

M.Phil Full Form

Master of Philosophy of Mathematics is the complete form of an MPhil in Mathematical Sciences. In many academic disciplines, including natural science, engineering, psychology, medicine, and economics, mathematics plays a crucial role as an essential tool.

The mathematics courses develop in the candidates a capacity for effective leadership and a vision for the dynamic mathematics program. Everything we use daily, including computers, mobile devices, software, money, engineering, sports, and other things, is built on math.

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