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What is the full form of MTS

MTS: Microsoft Transaction Server

Microsoft Transaction Server is the software that was designed to provide services to component object model (COM). MTS is the first major software that implements the aspect-oriented programming. The major services provided by MTS are instance management, transaction management and role based security.

MTS full form

MTS: Mobile Telephone Service

Mobile Telephone Service works as a radio system which links to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It was equivalent to the land dial phone service.

It was operator assisted on both the sides. To connect a call from the land line to the receiver, call will first go to the mobile operator, who would divert the call to the receiver. Similarly, to make an outbound call, mobile operator will first dial the number and then call will be placed.

MTS full form 2

MTS: Multichannel Television Sound

Multichannel Television Sound was created by BTSC (Broadcast Television Systems Committee). It is a format for standard television broadcast which allows two channels sound to be encoded into TV programming. There is an additional third channel called Sap (Separate Audio Program) used in an alternative way.

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