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What is the full form of OP

OP : Overpowered

OP stands for Overpowered. This term is widely used in PUBG game. However, it is not fixed to be used in a specific game; so, it is also used in other games and situations to show the importance of something.

OP Full Form

For example, in PUBG there are various powerful guns like Groza and AWM that are very powerful and destructive. So, on the basis of their power and performance, the players can refer to these weapons as 'OP Guns'. This term is also used in a situation when a player overpowers the enemy easily or demonstrates perfect win or toughest win. In such situations, one can say 'OP' or 'OP Gameplay' to appreciate the performance.

Furthermore, we can say that OP is a state or condition when someone or a character reaches its peak in terms of infinite stamina, the power to destroy planets that no villain can outshine.

Different types of OP

Strength and power to destroy is not the only thing that makes a character OP. The other situations or states where we can use OP for a character are listed below:

  • Intelligence: It is the power of mind which is a common form of OP. It can be used for characters or people who are way too smart, e.g. an intelligent hacker can control world's weapons systems and bring down the countries to their knees and a smart thief who always remains one step away from the police, etc.
  • Luck: It is a unique type of OP that is not liked with intelligence or strength. For example, in video games, you may be lucky enough in getting rare items, weapons and escaping from damage, accident, attack, etc.
  • Emotion: It can be considered a most powerful form of OP that increases the power of someone who is already strong, powerful and intelligent. For example, a male character in shounen anime gets more aggressive and powerful while seeing the villain killing his loved ones.

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