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What is the full form of PG?

PG: Paying Guest

PG stands for Paying Guest. It refers to a person who lives in another person's home and pays for the stay, food, laundry and other facilities provided by the owner. PG is different from a tenant as the later only pays for the accommodation or space rest of the things like food, furniture has to be arranged by the tenant.

PG Full Form

Most of the students who have to shift to other cities for their studies prefer to stay as a paying guest as they don't have time for cooking, washing clothes and other household works. The working bachelors either girls or boys also prefer to stay in PG accommodation.

Some of the benefits of staying in a PG are listed below:

  • Affordable: PGs are more affordable than rental houses in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. The rent of a PG is inclusive of food and basic amenities like TV, Fridge, Cooler, AC, Geyser, laundry, etc.
  • Information: PG is a good source of information as mostly the job seekers, job goers stay in PGs. By interacting with them one can get to know about job openings, walk-ins, etc.
  • Availability: PGs are easily available in a city nearby industries, offices, and commercial towers.
  • Amenities: You don't need to carry things related to basic amenities in a PG as you will get everything to live a comfortable life like AC, washing machine, refrigerator, wi-fi, CCTV camera, parking space, etc. Besides this, there is no hassle of cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc.
  • Safe: When you are living in a group in a PG, you are safer than living alone on rent. Also, the outsiders are not allowed to enter a PG without verification.
  • No repair headache: The repair of equipment and their maintenance and other such work is done by the PG owner.
  • Discipline: You learn discipline as you have to follow a set of etiquette such as timings for lunch, dinner, etc., are fixed. Besides this, in case of any medical emergency, the PG owner makes necessary arrangements.

In spite of offering various benefits, there are also certain cons of living in a PG such as unnecessary things line late night parties are not allowed, moderate use of electricity and water, and inappropriate people to space ratio.

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