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What is the full form of POC

POC: Proof of Concept

POC stands for Proof of Concept. It is a demonstration or an exercise that is performed to find out whether an idea can be turned into a reality or not. It helps find out the feasibility of an idea, i.e., to verify that an idea will function as per planning or not. Proof of concept is also known as proof of principle.

POC Full Form

Proof of concept can have different interpretations in different areas. For example, in software development, software developers can also use POC to find out the issues related to the performance of a project. It can also be used in the initial development cycle of a software or to sell a software concept. Similarly, in businesses, a POC is used to demonstrate the financial viability of a product.

Benefits of POC:

  • It helps you find possible technical and other problems in the future, and allow you to have suggestions and solutions for the problems at an early stage of the development cycle so that unwanted risks could be reduced.
  • You can get assurance that your idea, plan, or strategy is worth making an effort to execute it.
  • You can save your money by not spending it on a concept or idea which is not viable.

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