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What is the full form of PTO

1) PTO: Please Turn Over

PTO stands for Please Turn Over. It is usually written at the bottom of a page to request the reader to turn the page. It is used to show that additional information is given on the other side or next page.

PTO full form

For example; you are writing a paper of science. On one page after writing the description you want to draw a diagram but you are left with only five lines below the description where you can?t draw the complete diagram. So you can write the PTO below the description and draw you diagram on the next page. It tells the reader, it does not end with description on this page there is some more information on the next page.

2) PTO: Paid Time Off

PTO stands for Paid Time Off. It is also called Personal Time Off. It is a leave policy which compensates the employee even in his or her absence or when he or she is on leave. In private sector, it is offered in the form of vacation time, sick leave and personal day. In the public sector, the government employees are offered annual leave which is equivalent to PTO.

PTO full form
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