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What is the full form of QR Code

QR Code: Quick Response Code

QR code stands for Quick Response Code. It is the trademark or a type of 2D bar code that contains a matrix of dots. It was first designed or invented in Japan in 1994 by a Japanese automotive company Denso Wave to track vehicles during manufacturing. Later it became popular outside the automotive industry owing to its fast readability and higher storage capacity as compared to standard UPC barcodes.

QR Code Full Form

A QR code comprises black squares with white a background arranged in a square grid. It can be read both horizontally and vertically by an imaging device such as a camera, smartphone with a built-in camera, QR scanner, etc. We can say that it is a machine-readable optical label that contains the information about the item, object, or product to which it is attached.

After scanning, the imaging device converts the dots within the code into numbers or a string of characters. For example, scanning a QR code using your mobile may open a URL in your phone's web browser. All QR codes are in the form of a square shape, which defines the orientation of the code and thus makes each code unique in itself. No two QR codes can have similar pattern.

The QR code has two major advantages over traditional UPCs; first, the QR codes are two-dimensional as they contain significantly more data than a one-dimensional UPC. Second is that it can be scanned from a screen, but a standard UPC cannot be scanned from a screen. Furthermore, it made it possible to use your smartphone containing QR code as a boarding pass at the airport or as a pass or ticket for an event, movie, etc.

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