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What is the full form of RAS

(i) RAS: Remote Access Services

RAS full form

RAS stands for Remote Access Services. RAS is a mixture of software and hardware that helps you access any data remotely stored on any other device. In this service, the client is connected to a host computer, and that host computer is known as a remote access server. It typically helps the user to control any device remotely with the help of any other device. However, this is not possible without the Internet or any other connection, meaning that the corresponding devices must be connected to any network such as the Internet.

We can also share data at a very fast speed through Remote access; the reason behind it is the availability of software through which we are getting remote access. Such software and programs establish a connection directly between the client and the server, thereby reducing the number of stations in the connection.

There is a wide range of software available on the Internet that allows remote access. Two well-known software for remote access are AnyDesk and TeamViewer.

Why do we need Remote Access?

Remote access is mostly used to gain access to specific devices from different distances or locations. This allows industrial devices to remain inside the administrative panel while other members can access data from the device through their individual devices. Engineers can stay at home while interacting with a machine on their office premises, allowing them to do more work with less time. With remote access, they can also get immediate access to troubleshoot certain problems during work.

This (RAS) is mostly used by Web Developers, IT professionals or IT businessmen to ease their working.

(ii) RAS: Rajasthan Administrative Services

RAS full form

RAS stands for Rajasthan Administrative Service. It comes under civil services, but this (RAS) is only for the state of Rajasthan. RAS officer gets training for two years to form the Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration.

  • Establishment: RAS was established in the year 1950.
  • Cadre Controlling Authority: Department of Personnel, Government of Rajasthan.
  • Minister Responsible: The chief minister and Minister of the Department of Personnel.

Duties of RAS

  • State Policy Formation
  • State Policy Implementation
  • State Public Administration
  • State Bureaucratic Governance
  • State Secretarial Assistance


Selection in RAS is made through Rajasthan State and Subordinate Combined Services Competitive Examination.

RAS Officer Posts

  • In training period- Assistant Collector and Executive Magistrate
  • After Training (for some years)- Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • Through Promotion- Additional District Collector/ Magistrate or Additional Divisional Commissioner

Some other Important Posts-

  • Deputy Secretary to Rajasthan Government
  • Joint Secretary to Rajasthan Government
  • Chief Executive Officer to Zila Parishad
  • Commissioner to Municipal Corporation
  • Additional Chief Executive Officer to Zila Parishad
  • Special Assistant to State Minister
  • District Supply Officer
  • Deputy Inspector General Stamp and Registration
  • Secretary to Urban Improvement Trust
  • Registrar to State University
  • District Excise Officer
  • Member of Board of Revenue
  • Deputy and Additional Commissioner to Colonization


  • Rajasthan Administrative Service
  • Rajasthan Police Service
  • Rajasthan Accounting Service
  • Rajasthan Cooperative Services
  • Rajasthan Planning Office Services
  • Rajasthan Prison Service
  • Rajasthan Industries Service
  • Rajasthan State Insurance Services
  • Rajasthan Commerce Tax Service
  • Rajasthan Food and Civil Logistics Services
  • Rajasthan Tourism Service
  • Rajasthan Transport Services
  • Rajasthan Women and Force Development Services
  • Rajasthan Devasthan Service
  • Rajasthan Rural Development State Service
  • Rajasthan Women Development Services
  • Rajasthan Labor Welfare Service

Some other important full form of RAS

Field/ Sector Full Form of RAS
Information Technology Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
Software River Analysis Software
Electronics Remote Analysis System
Hardware Row Access Strobe Computer
Military and Defense Replenishment At Sea
Software Remedy Archive System
Sports Right Angle Sports

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