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What is the full form of RRB

RRB: Railway Recruitment Board

RRB stands for Railway Recruitment Board. Formerly, it was known as Railway Service Commission. It was renamed as Railway Recruitment Board in 1985. It manages the appointment of new employees to work in Indian Railways. It was established to recruit Group C candidates into the service of Indian Railways. At present, 21 Railway Recruitment Boards are functioning in Indian Railways.

RRB Full Form

RRB is responsible for issuing notifications to fill up the vacancies. They recruit candidates (call for applications from eligible candidates), conduct examination, verify the credentials of the selected candidates, and recommend them to Indian Railways.

Some RRBs conducted online examination online in the past. However, at present only written examinations are conducted by all RRBs. For some posts, only the marks obtained in the written exam are considered, and for some posts, interviews are also conducted before the final selection. As of November 2019, Vinod Kumar Yadav is the chairman of the Railway Board.

In Chandigarh, RRB started working in the year 1983 from #585, Sector 18-B, Chandigarh. Later, the RRB offices have been established at different locations in Chandigarh, which are as follows:

  1. Kothi No. 105, Sector 9-B, Chandigarh
  2. SCO 78-79, Sector 8-C, Madhya Marg
  3. SCO 34, Sector 7-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

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