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What is the full form of SIT

SIT: Special Investigation Team

SIT stands for Special Investigation Team. It is a special investigating agency of India which is appointed to investigate a specific case.

SIT full form

Need of SIT

It is usually appointed when it is found that the existing agency is not able to conduct proper investigation in the case or the case is against some high-profile people who may influence the investigation of existing agency.

Types of cases assigned to SIT

There is no law in the constitution to specify the type of case that could be assigned to SIT. It is usually the high-profile cases which are assigned to this agency. Gujarat riot case and 1984 anti-Sikh riot case are some of such cases investigated by the SIT.

How SIT works

Special investigation team can be appointed by the Supreme Court or the state government .The team is headed by one person. It investigates the case and makes a report to present in the court. The report undergoes scrutiny at all stages of appeal. The court has the right to accept or reject the report. If the court rejects the report then the appellate court is the only option left to decide the fate of the case.

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