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Spring MVC Pagination Example

Pagination is used to display a large number of records in different parts. In such case, we display 10, 20 or 50 records in one page. For remaining records, we provide links.

We can simply create pagination example in Spring MVC. In this pagination example, we are using MySQL database to fetch records.

Create a table or import SQL file

Here, we have created "emp" table in "test" database. The emp table has three fields: id, name, and salary. Either create a table and insert records manually or import our SQL file.

Spring MVC Pagination Example

1. Add dependencies to pom.xml file.


2. Create the bean class

Here, the bean class contains the variables (along setter and getter methods) corresponding to the fields exist in the database.

3. Create the controller class

In Controller class, the @PathVariable annotation bounds the method parameter with a temporary URL. For example:

Here, {} bracket contains the temporary value.

4. Create the DAO class

Let's create a DAO class to access the required data from the database.

5. Provide the entry of controller in the web.xml file


6. Define the bean in the xml file


7. Create the requested page


8. Create view component



Spring MVC Pagination Example
Spring MVC Pagination Example
Spring MVC Pagination Example
Spring MVC Pagination Example

Download SQL File

Download SQL File

Download MYSQL-connector.jar file

If you are not using maven, download MYSQL-connector.jar.

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