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Task lists in Markdown

Task lists are also known as the checkbox lists, i.e. the list in the form of checkbox. A check in a small square box appears as the checkbox, while the absence of a check appears as the blank box. It is used to represent MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), to create a 'to do list', to check the tasks need to be done at a certain time, etc.


The task lists can be created using a hyphen followed by the square brackets.

There should be only one tab space between the two square brackets to make it as a blank box.

A cross inside the square brackets make it as a checkbox. Otherwise, it appears as a blank checkbox.

There should be no tab space between the cross symbol and the square brackets to make it as a checkbox.

For example,

- [ ] Option A

- [x] Option B

- [ ] Option C

- [ ] Option D



The text in front of the task lists automatically appears in bold.


Let's discuss two examples based on Task lists.

Example 1:

Which of the following option is correct?

- [ ] Markdown is a plaintext language

- [ ] Markdown is a difficult coding language

- [ ] Markdown has various fancy commands

- [ ] All the above



Thus, the first option is correct. Markdown is a plaintext language.

Example 2:

Which of the following is a command in Markdown is used to make the text bold?

- [ ] *Text*

- [ ] _Text_

- [ ] **Text**

- [ ] *_Text_*



Thus, the third option is correct. The other three options can used to make the text as italic.

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