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Underline in Markdown

There is no syntax for underline in Markdown. To use the underline command, we can use the HTML syntax to underline the text in Markdown. Underline are used to highlight links in Markdown. Hence to avoid confusion, Markdown does not use it to underline the text.

Underline using HTML

Underline using HTML is not applicable in online editors. But, we can use it in visual studio code.


The text is inserted between the <u> and </u> underline tag.


U means underline

For example,




Let's discuss an example based on underline in Markdown using HTML tag.

Example 1:


The underline tag in Markdown using HTML can be only implemented in visual studio . It does not work in online Markdown editors. If underline is used in any online editor (for example, Dillinger), it will considered it as a normal text, which will be the same syntax as the input.

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