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What is the Full Form of XD

XD: An Emoticon of Laughing Face

XD stands for LOL or Laugh Out Loud. It is a term mainly used to represent a specific emoticon, where the letter X is identified as eyes and D as a laughing mouth. Sometimes, it is also stylized as the xD.

It is used as an emoticon; you can also call it a emote or smiley symbol. It is primarily used for expressing happiness, starting with the letter X and then D; it typically denotes the laughing mouth with closed eyes. This particular expression of a person is characterized as laughing so much. When you chat or talk with someone, you or the other side person can use this term. Simply put, XD means they are in a happy mood, and by sending you this, they spread laughter.

XD Full Form

You may have heard the term "XD" many times; that term is used quite commonly these days. Many people mistakenly believe it is a term that stands for an unpronounceable period. However, this is not the case at all. You've come to the right place if you had the same thoughts. If there are any further definitions of the phrase, you may find them here, along with information about its origin. Additionally, you'll see real-world examples of talks utilizing the phrase appropriately and other synonyms you may use without compromising its meaning.

What is the true meaning of the word XD?

This expression, an emoticon, is used in place of the word LOL, which stands for "laughing out loud". It is reacted as a response to someone who says something very entertaining and funny. The emoticon depicts a face with an "X" used for the person's eyes, which are squeezed shut like when someone smiles or laughs heartily at something funny, and a "D" represents the person's open mouth with happiness.

Source of XD

This emoticon's specific history is unknown; nobody knows when it was discovered. The earliest online definition of the emoticon's meaning was provided in 2003, but it has at least been used since then.

Instances with XD

XD term is used in many categories, including:

Art and Entertainment:

Disney is a globally known brand, especially as a cartoon channel. Disney selected its channel name Disney XD because its main target was to make a younger children audience happy. Also, people find curiosity by listening to this term XD and go watch the channel.

A famous cartoon named Pokemon also used the term XD in its pokemon game series, making that name Pokemon XD: The Gale of Darkness. It is a video game series that is so popular among young children.


  • Adobe XD is famous software used by designers, and Adobe decided to add the term 'XD' to its name to make its presence in the market easily.
  • A computer technique called XD bit (or NX bit, a technology used in central processing units for better memory usage) for x86 and x64 processors is also well-known and is related to security.
  • XDCAM is a high-quality video disc format. It was invented by Sony and is the format mainly used for digital recording.


  • FordXD falcon is a significant car built by the Ford Company Australia. It represents a family of cars made between 1979 and 1982.
  • The third generation of the Hyundai Elantra (XD Series) is known as the Hyundai Avante XD (South Korea).

Real-Life Examples of XD: How to use this popular term XD?

In a chat between the two friends:

Suppose a friend1 sends a message like OMG! XD to his other friend2, and friend2 replies what's so funny?

So by using the term XD, friend1 creates an expression to tell friend2 that it was something funny, and after that, friend1 explains his story, i.e., "My dog was moving quickly through the house. He attempted to leap onto the couch, but he missed and crashed. He stood up and acted like he had done it on purpose. Nothing was seen. After that, I fell off my sofa laughing so hard."

After listening to friend1 story, his other friend2 may also reply something like "XD! XD! It would have helped more if you had caught it."

In a conversation between two social media users:

User1 texted user2: Have you watched the new anime series?

Then user2 replied: No, I didn't watch yet. Is it funny?

Then user1 replied to user2: Yes, OMG! It was like XD (the term XD denotes entertaining and funny content). I didn't believe how they made this fun content; it was so funny.

Some other ways to say the term XD:

You can use various terms to replace the term XD as those terms also denote the exact meaning of the XD. You could use such alternate terms to replace this emoji (XD) but still convey the same purpose. Other methods to express someone the same feeling as XD include using the acronyms like LOL, LMAO, ROFLMAO, etc.

There are many uses for the term XD. Depending on the situation and the platform, you may also use this term in gaming chats, and the term XD can make a little difference in such quick talks.

XD Meaning in the Gaming

In online gaming, when you play a multiplayer game, you may send the term XD to your friends via in-game chats or even use it over voice talks. In gaming, the term has the same meaning as "Laugh out Loud" or "HAHA". It is the easiest and most common way to express the feeling of laughter and happiness, so you can quickly tell the sense of laughter in chats and comment sections without interrupting your game experience.

XD is mainly used in the funny thing and mostly in memes to denote the making of a joke. Nowadays, it's going with the new trend and becoming popular. It's also a strategy to show creativity in online platforms like gaming. It is regarded as a quick way to interact with online gamers without drawing attention away from the game they are currently playing.

How to quickly utilize the term XD in gaming?

XD is primarily used to gain someone's best reaction while playing a video game or catch an entertaining response. For instance, suppose you are playing a game, assume PUBG and your team partner does a hilarious dance by using the in-game feature. In that case, you can write the term XD to let him know that you enjoyed it and the action made you laugh a lot.

As we know, the letter XD represents a smiling face, where "D" represents a shaped open mouth, while the "X" represents two closed eyes from all the laughter. Therefore, using the term is not rocket science. One can simply type X and then D using the keyboard of his device, whether it is a laptop, computer or mobile phone. Additionally, another option to express a laugh is to utilize the "Laugh" emoji on your keyboard.

The XD sign is widely used in video games to convey sarcasm, laughter, or contempt.

According to widespread opinion, it shouldn't be used in video games since it might offend other players or game creators who don't like seeing XD emojis on their message boards.

The term XD can be used in the following ways in Video Games:

  • When one person sends the message by using the word XD, the other will reply with an XD Emoji to show that they thought it was funny or sarcastic.
  • The XD Emoji is a method to communicate how someone feels when they are laughing.
  • While playing the multiplayer game in online mode, Player A may be attacking Player B and sending an XD Emoji to tell him that it's a joke.
  • When users use the XD while gaming, it's difficult to know precisely what they're saying since it can be used to express emotion or sarcasm, or it can also be used to signify laughter.

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