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Elasticsearch with pagination in Laravel 5

In this section, we are going to learn the Elasticsearch with pagination by using Laravel 5. Pagination can be described as a sequence of pages, and that pages will contain the same content. When we do any search using the internet, we will get various results. The internet can generate results in hundreds, thousands, etc. Those results are distributed on various pages, and multiple records are contained by each page. We will call this mechanism Pagination.

Using the Pagination, users are able to efficiently find the necessary information. Pagination is also called paging. Using pagination, users can directly go to any required page. Users don't have to scroll down the page for a long time using pagination. It saves a lot of time for users. Usually, the bottom of the page is used to place the pagination, but it is not compulsory. We can put it anywhere like the page's top. Using Elasticsearch, users can easily perform pagination. Two properties are provided by the Elasticsearch, like from and size, which is used to efficiently perform pagination.

If we don't have the knowledge of elasticsearch installation and we need the setup of elasticsearch from scratch, we can use the following link to setup:

When we complete the steps described in the above link, we are able to perform Elasticsearch with a pagination view. We will perform this by using the Laravel pagination Eloquent. In our Laravel application, we are able to perform pagination by making some few changes. For this, we will use our controller named ItemSearchController.php. We will replace the index method in this controller like this:


At last, we will use the blade file named ItemSearch.blade.php. We will use Laravel pagination Eloquent so that we can render a pagination view. We will do the following change in the blade file, which is described as follows:


When we execute the above code, the following output will be generated:

Elasticsearch with pagination in Laravel 5

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