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Install and Use Font Awesome Icons in Laravel

In this section, we are going to use Laravel to install the font awesome. We will discuss a simple example to understand the use of font-awesome in laravel. In the following example, we will install font-awesome laravel 7.

Now, understand the step-by-step process to use laravel mix for installing font-awesome icons. The font awesome can be installed in laravel in two ways, which we explain through two examples. In our first example, we will use the npm command and laravel mix. In our second example, we will use cdn js. The font-awesome icons can be easily used in laravel versions like 6, 7, and 8. The step by step process to install icons is as follows:

Example 1: Install using Namp

Firstly, the latest version of laravel will be installed. For this, the following command will be run.

Now we will use our laravel application and install npm. For this, the following command will be used. Using this command, the folder of mode_module will be created in our root directory, which will store all npm modules.

Now, we will use the following npm command and install the font-awesome library:

After successful installing this library, we will use the app.scss file and import font awesome CSS on it. We can import it using the following command:


Now everything is installed. So we can run the npm dev command. We will use the following command to run it:

In the following code, we are using our generated app.css file in our blade file:


Now our above application is ready to run, and see it on the home page. After running this application, we will get the following layout.

Example 2: Install Using CDNJS

Now we will add the font awesome icons by using the cdn js file. The code to add this is described as follows:


After executing any of the above examples, we will get the following output:

Install and Use Font Awesome Icons in Laravel

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