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Laravel vs. Django

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell based on MVC architecture. The source code written in Laravel is hosted on GitHub, and it is licensed under the terms of MIT license. From Laravel 4 onwards, Laravel started using the Composer as a Dependency Manager to add the Laravel specific php packages from the Packagist repository.

What is Django?

Django is a free and open-source web framework for Python. It follows the principle "Don't Repeat Yourself". It follows the MVT (Model View Template) approach, which helps in building maintainable web applications.

Let's understand the differences between Laravel and Django.

Laravel vs Django
  • Definition
    Django is a free and open-source web python framework. It is a full-stack web application framework which is written in Python. This framework is equipped with many libraries, templates, and an API for connectivity. If any plugin is missing in Laravel, then it can be easily added through the app plugins. It follows the principle, i.e., D.R.Y principle, which stands for Don't Repeat Yourself.
    Laravel is a free and open-source php web framework for web artisans with simple syntax. The main aim of Laravel is to develop a web application very quickly and easily. It contains some in-built features required to develop complex web applications such as routing, sessions, migration, caching, and many more.
  • Maintenance
    Django is developed and maintained by Django Software Foundation while the Laravel framework is maintained by the developer and the Laravel community under MIT license.
  • Programming language
    Django is a framework that is highly recommended by the programmers and follows the MVT (Model View Template) approach. The python programming language comes in the fourth position, and it is in the second position on Github.
    Laravel is a php framework that is highly recommended by the php programmers, and it follows the object-oriented programming or MVC (Model View Controller) approach. The PHP programming language comes in the 7th position, and it is in the 5th position on Github.
  • Developer
    Web Programmers such as Lawrence Journal-world, Adrian Holovaty, and Simon Willison developed the Django in 2003, and they released the Django in the market in 2005 under the BSD license. In the Django framework, the programmers use Python to build web applications.
    Taylor Otwell developed the Laravel, which is a php web framework, and it follows the MVC (Model View Controller) approach.
  • Security
    Suppose the developer deploys the app in a hostile environment where malicious users can attack the security of the web application. The security in Django helps the developers to avoid the common mistakes in web application. The malicious attacks can be SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request surgery.
    In Laravel, the security is provided through the hashed passwords. The Laravel contains some mechanisms that protect the users from events such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, intercepting private information, insecure cookies, and many more. In spite of all the discussion, the security of Django is much higher than the security in Laravel.
  • Library
    Django contains a very strong library that has plenty of self-contained packages, and these packages provide reusable features.
    The library of a Django framework is also very strong, and we can build the website through this library.
  • Routing
    Routing is a little difficult in Django as it does not have an in-built feature to create API. It can create an API with the help of the Django Rest framework.
    We can achieve the routing in Laravel very easily to create an API. The Laravel includes eloquent ORM that allows the developer to write the php code to interact with a database.
  • GitHub Contributions
    Django has a large community of over 1530+ contributors. If we stuck in any problem while developing the application, then we know that someone from the large community will help us.
    The community of Laravel is much smaller than the community of Django. It offers a small community of over 435+ contributors.
  • Scalability
    Both the frameworks, i.e., Django and Laravel, are highly scalable. Django framework is used on many websites, which are Instagram, Pinterest, Sauce Labs, Udemy, Mozilla Firefox, etc. The Laravel is also used in many large projects such as 9GAG, UNION, Toyota hall of fame, Camping World, Explore Georgia, CEENTA, Invite Watch, Packet, Utrip, etc.

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