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How to Enable Payroll in Tally

In Tally, the payroll activation is a one-time configuration setup. To enable payroll in Tally, use the following step by step procedure.

Step 1: Use the following path to enable payroll in Tally

Gateway of Tally → F11: Features → F1: Accounting Features

Step 2: Choose the option Account Info under Gateway of Tally.

How to Enable Payroll in Tally

Step 3: Choose the option "Accounting Features" or press function key "F1" under company features.

How to Enable Payroll in Tally

Step 4: Update the following details under accounting features options

To enable payroll in Tally.ERP 9, choose the option "Maintain Payroll" as Yes.

To maintain more than one payroll for a company and separate cost categories are created and allocated to the cost of an employee, choose the option "Maintain more than one payroll or cost category" as Yes.

How to Enable Payroll in Tally

To save the details in Tally, choose A: Accept.

In Tally ERP 9, after activation of the Payroll feature, Payroll info will be activated under the master option.

How to Enable Payroll in Tally

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