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Kotlin Lambda Function

Lambda is a function which has no name. Lambda is defined with a curly braces {} which takes variable as a parameter (if any) and body of function. The body of function is written after variable (if any) followed by -> operator.

Syntax of lambda

Before we talk about lambda, let's see a simple example of addition of two numbers using normal function.

Normal function: addition of two numbers

In this example, we create a function addNumber() passing two arguments (a,b) calling from the main function.



Lambda function: addition of two numbers

The above program will be rewritten using lambda function as follow:



In the above program we create a lambda expression {s: Int -> println(s) } with its return type Unit. The lambda function is padded as an parameter in high level function addNumber(5,10,myLambda). The variable mylambda in function definition is actually a lambda function. The functionality (body) of mylambda is already given in lambda function.

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