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Kotlin Nested class and Inner class

Kotlin Nested class

Nested class is such class which is created inside another class. In Kotlin, nested class is by default static, so its data member and member function can be accessed without creating an object of class. Nested class cannot be able to access the data member of outer class.

Kotlin Nested Class Example


code inside nested class
Id is 101

Kotlin Inner class

Inner class is a class which is created inside another class with keyword inner. In other words, we can say that a nested class which is marked as "inner" is called inner class.

Inner class cannot be declared inside interfaces or non-inner nested classes.

The advantage of inner class over nested class is that, it is able to access members of outer class even it is private. Inner class keeps a reference to an object of outer class.

Kotlin Inner Class Example


code inside inner class
name is Ashu
Id is 101

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