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du Command in Linux/Unix with Examples

Command du stands for Disk Usage. It is used to check the information of disk usage of files and directories on a system.

Command du display a list of all the files along with their respective sizes. By default, size given is in kilobytes.

File names are used as arguments to get the file size.


Linux du1

Look at the above snapshot, du command display number of disk blocks in current directory file.

It does not display all files, only files occupying some disk space are displayed.

Here, first column display the size of disk space.


Command Option
du -a List all files and directories size
du -h Display in human readable format
du -c Display grand total in the output
du -s Display only total
du -0/td> End output with null byte
du --block-size=<size> Specify block size
du --time Display time modification
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