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Linux uptime

The uptime command tells us how long a system has been running.


Linux UpTime1

Look at the above snapshot, command "uptime" displays output in one line.

From the left, it shows,

  • currrent system time
  • duration for which system has been running (system is running since 18 minutes)
  • number of users logged in (2 users are logged in)
  • system load average CPU load for past 1, 5 and 15 minutes.

Here, system load averages are the processes which are either in runnable or in uninterruptable state.

A runnable process may be either a running one using CPU or waiting to use CPU. An uninterruptable process is waiting for some I/O access.


Command uptime has a single option.

Uptime -V

It displays version information.

Linux UpTime2
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