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MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) Preparation 2021

MCQs or Multiple-Choice Questions are one of the best ways to check your deep knowledge of a subject or a concept. It tests the comprehensive ability of a student by providing correct and incorrect answers together. To clear an MCQ exam, you are not expected to have just an overview to write a basic description in your way; instead, it requires every small to big, minor to major concepts of a subject or technology to be known and understood. Every MCQs list is designed in a way to confuse you by giving all the options that look identical, and you can only identify the correct option when you have a deep understanding of that subject.

MCQs Preparation 2021

Nowadays, every competitive exams or interview exams consist of MCQ based questions, which require good preparation to clear that exam. So, to make it easier for you, we have created the most comprehensive list of MCQs on different technologies such as Java, Python, JS, Machine Learning, etc., and academic subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, DAA, Data Structure, Computer Network, etc., along with competitive exams such as SSC.

What is the MCQ test?

A multiple-choice question or MCQ is a set of questions with two/four/five possible answer options. Among all the given options, student need to choose the best/correct option, to get the full marks of that question.

A form of MCQ question is given as:

Example: What smallest number should be subtracted from 9805 so that it is divisible by 8?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 7

MCQs List

The below MCQs list will surely help you to crack the exam easily, as all the MCQ questions are prepared by putting the most asked questions with the answers. All these MCQs have best possible explanation of each question, and we have prepared it by keeping the current trend in mind. Each MCQ list is updated regularly with new questions and updates.

1. Technology Based MCQ

2. Subject Based MCQ

Misconceptions about MCQs

There are some misconceptions about the MCQs that could apply a break in preparation and cracking the exam. So, these misconceptions must be cleared before appearing in the exams. These are:

  • "MCQs are easier than Subjective-style exams."
    The first misconception is that MCQs are easier than Subjective-style exams as they already have the correct answer to the questions. But this is not true, although MCQs have the one correct answer in the given options, the other options also look identical. So, you can only tick the correct one when you have a deep understanding of that concept. It means, for MCQs also you have to give your best for the preparation.
  • "Only basic preparation is required to clear an MCQ exam."
    This perception is also wrong because you can only clear the MCQ exam when you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Else you may decrease your marks by ticking the wrong questions, as most MCQs have negative marking.

How to Prepare for MCQ based test?

To prepare for the MCQ based test, every concept of a subject should be clear. But along with this, some strategies and tips will be beneficial and make MCQs easy for you. In this section, we are going to discuss some essential tips that would help you:

  • First, read the question thoroughly.
    The first tip for MCQ based test is to read a question thoroughly without looking for the options. Usually, most of the students first check the answers before reading the question, which could be the biggest mistake. So first, read each question thoroughly and then review the options.
  • Find the answer in your mind before checking for options.
    Once you read the question, try to find the answer in your mind before checking the options. It will save you time and also prevent you from getting stuck in between the wrong answers.
  • Remove the wrong answers from the given options.
    Now, remove or eliminate those options for which you are sure that they are 100% wrong. By doing this, you can focus on the remaining answers, and it will also save you time and lead to finding the correct answer.
  • Choose the best answer among the options.
    For each question, it is important to tick the best options among all the given options. There may be several questions where two options seem correct, but only one will be the best and correct answer (if it is not asking for the multiple correct answers). So, choose wisely.
  • Read Every option again.
    Before choosing the answer, once recheck all the options. Sometimes, due to overconfidence, we don't check other options and tick the first one that we find the correct. One should not make this mistake, so always read all the options to only select the best answer.
  • First, answer the questions that you are sure about
    In MCQ based questions or even summary-based questions, always answer those questions that you are familiar with and sure about. This will save your time, and you can attempt a maximum number of questions.
  • Make an educated guess for unknown Questions.
    The plus point with MCQ based questions is that you can guess the answer if you are not aware of any question. But the guesswork should also be educated, not a random one. It means, before guessing any answer for a question, apply some common sense and logic, and it will help you to guess the correct answer.
  • Always check if there is Negative Marking.
    Some colleges or competitive exams include the negative marking in MCQs test, which deducts some marks if you select the wrong answer. Suppose 2 marks are added for the correct answer, then -1 marks will be deducted for the incorrect answer. So, if there is negative marking in exams, avoid the guesswork as it may reduce the chances of clarifying that exam.
  • The choice for "All of the above" and "None of the above."
    In some MCQ questions, more than two answers are correct, and you may find the option of "All of the above" or "None of the above". In the first case, if you find any of the options is incorrect, surely "All of the above" is not the best answer. The same goes for the "None of the above" case; if any of the answers seem correct, the "None of the above" is not the correct answer.
  • Doubt between two options.
    If there is a question in which two options are looking correct, and the "All of the above" option is also included, the last option is probably correct.
  • Try to guess for the positive answer.
    If there is a question with some negative answers and some positive options, then in most of the cases, positive answers are true.
  • Go with more information giving an option.
    If in all the four options, one option contains much information about the question, the most of the time that would be the correct answer. But still, recheck for other options as well.

Multiple Choice Questions List

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