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Polymer Iron-element

Polymer iron-elements are called core elements which are used to create an application, when matched with the "Developer Preview" version.

A list of different types of iron elements.


Index Field Description
1) iron-a11y-keys These elements are used to process keyboard commands by using cross-browser interface.
2) iron-ajax The iron-ajax elements are useful in making the ajax calls.
3) iron-collapse The iron-collapse elements are used to collapse a content. To show or hide the content use opened or toggle().
4) iron-image These elements are used for displaying a single image.
5) iron-dropdown These are low-level elements used to reveal the hidden dropdown content.
6) iron-flex-layout These elements are useful to provide CSS flexible box layout.
7) iron-form The iron-form element is an HTML element used to validate and submit any custom elements.
8) iron-icon These elements are used to display a single icon.
9) iron-swipeable-container It is a container that allows swapping of its nested children, i.e. native or custom elements.

A Complete list of polymer iron-elements


Index Elements Description
1) iron-a11y-announcer An element that helps with announcing text through screen readers.
2) iron-a11y-keys A basic element implementation of iron-a11y-keys-behavior.
3) iron-a11y-keys-behavior A behavior that enables key bindings for greater a11y
4) iron-ajax Easily make Ajax requests
5) iron-autogrow-textarea Textarea that grows in height as more lines of input are entered
6) iron-behaviors Behaviors that manage control states like 'focused', 'disabled', and 'active'
7) iron-collapse Adds collapsible behavior to a target element
8) iron-component-page A reusable landing page for elements
9) iron-demo-helpers Utility classes to make building demo pages easier
10) iron-doc-viewer Polymer documentation viewer elements
11) iron-dropdown An unstyled element that works similarly to a native browser select
12) iron-fit-behavior Fits an element into another element
13) iron-flex-layout Style mixins for cross-platform flex-box layouts
14) iron-icon Element that displays a single icon
15) iron-icons A set of icons for use with iron-icon
16) iron-iconset Represents a source of icons expressed as a raster sprite sheet
17) iron-iconset-svg Represents a source of icons expressed as a collection of inline SVGs
18) iron-image Image element with sizing and preloading options
19) iron-jsonp-library Loads jsonp libraries.
20) iron-list Element for a virtual, "infinite" list
21) iron-location A Polymer element that manages binding to the page's URL.
22) iron-media-query Data binding for a CSS Media Query
23) iron-overlay-behavior Makes an element an overlay with an optional backdrop
24) iron-pages Simple content switcher
25) iron-swipeable-container A container that allows any of its nested children to be swiped away.
26) iron-test-helpers Utility classes to make testing easier

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