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Django Cookie

A cookie is a small piece of information which is stored in the client browser. It is used to store user's data in a file permanently (or for the specified time).

Cookie has its expiry date and time and removes automatically when gets expire. Django provides built-in methods to set and fetch cookie.

The set_cookie() method is used to set a cookie and get() method is used to get the cookie.

The request.COOKIES['key'] array can also be used to get cookie values.

Django Cookie Example

In, two functions setcookie() and getcookie() are used to set and get cookie respectively


And URLs specified to access these functions.


Start Server

After starting the server, set cookie by using localhost:8000/scookie URL. It shows the following output to the browser.

django cookie

And get a cookie by using localhost:8000/gcookie URL. It shows the set cookie to the browser.

django cookie 1
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