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ToDo Webapp using Django

A high-level Web application platform called Django enables quick development and straightforward, practical design. We'll build a to-do app today to help you get the hang of Django. Similar to Google Keep or Evernote, this web software allows users to create notes.

Modules Necessary:

  • crispy_forms
  • django : install django

Start the server by entering the following command into the terminal.

Enter into your web browser to see if the server is up and functioning. the server now by hitting

App Development:

Open the todo/ folder by performing: Create a folder called templates/todo/index.html in the directory todo.

Use a text editor to access the project folder. The directory organisation should resemble this:

In, add the todo app and crispy form to your todo site.


Todo: Edit

todo Edit in:

Now Add a Task to todo:

We can now launch the server and view your to-do app.


ToDo Webapp using Django
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