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Django Installation

To install Django, first visit to django official site ( and download django by clicking on the download section. Here, we will see various options to download The Django.

Django requires pip to start installation. Pip is a package manager system which is used to install and manage packages written in python. For Python 3.4 and higher versions pip3 is used to manage packages.

In this tutorial, we are installing Django in Ubuntu operating system.

The complete installation process is described below. Before installing make sure pip is installed in local system.

Here, we are installing Django using pip3, the installation command is given below.

django installation

Verify Django Installation

After installing Django, we need to varify the installation. Open terminal and write python3 and press enter. It will display python shell where we can verify django installation.

django installation 1

Look at the Django version displayed by the print method of the python. Well, Django is installed successfuly. Now, we can build Django web applications.

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