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Django Mail Setup

Sending email using Django is pretty easy and require less configuration. In this tutorial, we will send email to provided email.

For this purpose, we will use Google's SMTP and a Gmail account to set sender.

Django provides built-in mail library django.core.mail to send email.

Before sending email, we need to make some changes in Gmail account because for security reasons Google does not allow direct access (login) by any application. So, login to the Gmail account and follow the urls. It will redirect to the Gmail account settings where we need to allow less secure apps but toggle the button. See the below screenshot.
login Gmail account and follow the urls

After that follow this url that is a additional security check to verify the make security constraint. security check to verify the make security constraint

Click on continue and all is setup.

Django Configuration

Provide the smtp and Gmail account details into the file. For example

Import Mail Library

Now, write a view function that uses built-in mail function to send mail. See the example

Django Email Example

This example contains the following files.



Put following url into file.

Run Server and access it at browser, see the output.

Run Server and access it at browser output

Here, the both email ids are mine, so I can verify the email by login to the account.

And after login, here we go!! I got the mail.

After login to the account

Well, same like, we can send mail using other smtp server configurations if we have.

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