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Public Cloud

  • Public Cloud provides a shared platform that is accessible to the general public through an Internet connection.
  • Public cloud operated on the pay-as-per-use model and administrated by the third party, i.e., Cloud service provider.
  • In the Public cloud, the same storage is being used by multiple users at the same time.
  • Public cloud is owned, managed, and operated by businesses, universities, government organizations, or a combination of them.
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Microsoft Azure, IBM's Blue Cloud, Sun Cloud, and Google Cloud are examples of the public cloud.
public cloud model

Advantages of Public Cloud

There are the following advantages of public cloud -

1) Low Cost

Public cloud has a lower cost than private, or hybrid cloud, as it shares the same resources with a large number of consumers.

2) Location Independent

Public cloud is location independent because its services are offered through the internet.

3) Save Time

In Public cloud, the cloud service provider is responsible for the manage and maintain data centers in which data is stored, so the cloud user can save their time to establish connectivity, deploying new products, release product updates, configure, and assemble servers.

4) Quickly and easily set up

Organizations can easily buy public cloud on the internet and deployed and configured it remotely through the cloud service provider within a few hours.

5) Business Agility

Public cloud provides an ability to elastically re-size computer resources based on the organization's requirements.

6) Scalability and reliability

Public cloud offers scalable (easy to add and remove) and reliable (24*7 available) services to the users at an affordable cost.

Disadvantages of Public Cloud

1) Low Security

Public Cloud is less secure because resources are shared publicly.

2) Performance

In the public cloud, performance depends upon the speed of internet connectivity.

3) Less customizable

Public cloud is less customizable than the private cloud.

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