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Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into several virtual servers. It is used to maximize the server resources.

In this virtualization, the resources of the server are itself hidden from the users, and a software is used to partition the physical server into several virtual environments, called as virtual servers or private servers. This results the dedication of one server to a single application or task.

Usage of Server Virtualization

The server virtualization technology is mainly used in web servers. By using virtual web servers, it provides low-cost web hosting services.

Instead of having separate computer for each web server, we can have number of virtual servers on the same computer.

Server virtualization is used:

  • to make more efficient use of server resources,
  • to improve the server availability,
  • to help in disaster recovery,
  • development and testing, and
  • to centralize the server administration.

Advantages of Server Virtualization

  1. Each virtual server can be independently rebooted.
  2. Server virtualization reduces the costs because less hardware is required.

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