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React Native StatusBar

React Native StatusBar is a component which is used to decorate status bar of the app. It is used by importing the StatusBar component from the react-native library. We can use multiple StatusBar at the same time.

React Native StatusBar Props

Props Description
animated A status bar is animated if its property is changed. It supports backgrondColor, hidden, and barStyle.
barStyle It sets the color of status bar text.
hidden It is used to hide and show the status bar. By default, it is false. If hidden = {false} it is visible, if hidden = {true}, it hide the status bar.
backgroundColor It sets the background color of the status bar.
translucent When it is set of true, the app is built under the status bar.
showHideTransition It displays the transition effect when showing and hiding the status bar. The default is 'fade'.
networkActivityIndicatorVisible It checks the network activity indicator is visible or not. It supports in iOS.

React Native StatusBar Methods

setHidden setBarStyle setBackgroundColor
setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible setTranslucent

React Native StatusBar Example 1

Let's create a simple StatusBar example in which we change its background color.



React Native StatusBar

React Native StatusBar Example 2 (hiding status bar, full screen)

In this example, we hide the StatusBar by using its property hidden = true. Hiding the StatusBar makes the display as full-screen.


React Native StatusBar

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