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Application of Computer Graphics

1. Education and Training: Computer-generated model of the physical, financial and economic system is often used as educational aids. Model of physical systems, physiological system, population trends or equipment can help trainees to understand the operation of the system.

For some training applications, particular systems are designed. For example Flight Simulator.

Flight Simulator: It helps in giving training to the pilots of airplanes. These pilots spend much of their training not in a real aircraft but on the ground at the controls of a Flight Simulator.


  1. Fuel Saving
  2. Safety
  3. Ability to familiarize the training with a large number of the world's airports.

2. Use in Biology: Molecular biologist can display a picture of molecules and gain insight into their structure with the help of computer graphics.

3. Computer-Generated Maps: Town planners and transportation engineers can use computer-generated maps which display data useful to them in their planning work.

4. Architect: Architect can explore an alternative solution to design problems at an interactive graphics terminal. In this way, they can test many more solutions that would not be possible without the computer.

5. Presentation Graphics: Example of presentation Graphics are bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and other displays showing relationships between multiple parameters. Presentation Graphics is commonly used to summarize

  • Financial Reports
  • Statistical Reports
  • Mathematical Reports
  • Scientific Reports
  • Economic Data for research reports
  • Managerial Reports
  • Consumer Information Bulletins
  • And other types of reports

6. Computer Art: Computer Graphics are also used in the field of commercial arts. It is used to generate television and advertising commercial.

7. Entertainment: Computer Graphics are now commonly used in making motion pictures, music videos and television shows.

8. Visualization: It is used for visualization of scientists, engineers, medical personnel, business analysts for the study of a large amount of information.

9. Educational Software: Computer Graphics is used in the development of educational software for making computer-aided instruction.

10. Printing Technology: Computer Graphics is used for printing technology and textile design.

Example of Computer Graphics Packages:

  1. LOGO
  4. 3D STUDIO
  5. CORE
  6. GKS (Graphics Kernel System)
  7. PHIGS
  8. CAM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
  9. CGI (Computer Graphics Interface)

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