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Application Areas of Animation

1. Education and Training: Animation is used in school, colleges and training centers for education purpose. Flight simulators for aircraft are also animation based.

2. Entertainment: Animation methods are now commonly used in making motion pictures, music videos and television shows, etc.

3. Computer Aided Design (CAD): One of the best applications of computer animation is Computer Aided Design and is generally referred to as CAD. One of the earlier applications of CAD was automobile designing. But now almost all types of designing are done by using CAD application, and without animation, all these work can't be possible.

4. Advertising: This is one of the significant applications of computer animation. The most important advantage of an animated advertisement is that it takes very less space and capture people attention.

5. Presentation: Animated Presentation is the most effective way to represent an idea. It is used to describe financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific & economic data.

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