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BlackBerry 9380 Curve


The BlackBerry Curve 9380 is the first touchscreen BlackBerry Curve device ever released by RIM. It attracts customers with a lower starting price despite losing much of its appeal by providing the whole BB OS 7 experience. The absence of HD video recording on this Curve's BlackBerry OS 7 is the main difference between this model and the Torch 9860.

Build and Design of the Phone

The BlackBerry Curve 9380 resembles the smaller version of the Torch 9860. The new Curve has an extremely pocket-friendly 3.2" display. It weighs only 98 grams and has dimensions of 109 x 60 x 11.2 mm.

Because the new Curve is primarily made of black glossy plastic, everything that touches it will leave behind a lot of unwanted traces like fingerprints and smudges. Only the rubber component of the second frame, which houses the side controls and the camera/flash combination, and the previously mentioned chrome framing are glossy.

BlackBerry 9380 Curve

Under the display is where you'll find the Call keys, Menu, and Back buttons that come standard on BlackBerry devices. They are all wide enough to use comfortably. Unfortunately, the inner two controls are pretty difficult to press because all the controls are hidden behind a single plastic plate. In the system's menu, which isn't very touch-friendly, the trackpad, which is located in the middle, can be used occasionally.

An earphone and LED are located above the display, where the BlackBerry logo is displayed.

There is a single MicroUSB connector on the left side of the Curve 9380 for charging and file transfers. Despite not being the most comfortable, the location is ideal and clean. The mute button is located between the volume keys on the right side of the device. It functions as the play/pause button for the music player. The key at the bottom's default setting is the fixed-focus camera. The lock button on the BlackBerry Curve 9380 is positioned at the top of the handset, although it can be challenging to press. There is also a nearby 3.5mm audio jack, which is unprotected. Only the microphone pinhole is visible on the phone's bottom, which has the same glossy plastic surface as the top.

A Fixed-Focus Camera

The BlackBerry Curve 9380's 5 Megapixel fixed-focus camera still has the highest resolution of any RIM smartphone. In addition, there is a single LED flash.

White balance, ISO, exposure correction, and other such characteristics are not available. Face detection is available but only works in certain situations, not everywhere.

The BlackBerry Curve 9380's image quality is about average, and there is a respectable amount of precise detailing, and the colors are pleasant, but it might have been much better. Despite the fact that the noise levels are about average, the contrast is good.

The camera has the same unattractive user interface and only a few adjustable settings. The bottom shortcut bar of the viewfinder prohibits proper framing. The BlackBerry Curve 9380's inability to record HD videos is probably due to its slower processor clock. Its best option is VGA clips at 30 frames per second. LEDs are suitable for use as video lighting. The video quality is satisfactory, with a reasonable frame rate, acceptable resolution detail, bearable noise levels, accurate colors, and good contrast. Overall, the BlackBerry Curve 9380 videos receive a thumbs up.

BlackBerry Maps and GPS

The BlackBerry Curve 9380 has an integrated GPS receiver and supports A-GPS. The BlackBerry Maps are already installed for navigation. It is another application that can only be used with an active BlackBerry internet plan. Users only have the option of using directions for navigation. They can just input an address from the phonebook to get instructions and store their favorite locations so they don't have to type them in each time. In addition, BlackBerry Maps lets the user share their location with anyone via email or SMS.

Additionally, addresses that are part of messages are automatically recognized and can be quickly and easily displayed on the map.


The BlackBerry Curve 9380 is small, portable, and simple to use. Its design and the components that it is constructed of are neither new nor unique. But like the majority of RIM smartphones, the Curve 9380 is well constructed and doesn't shake or crack. Although its appearance does not particularly excite customers, the new Curve is still attractive, and if not for the shiny plastic, it could have been yet another BlackBerry beauty.

Therefore, the new Curve 9380 is a downgrade on a phone that is already well-known, not something new. Surprisingly though, this actually functions. The Torch 9860 is the Curve 9380's biggest rival. The new Curve is smaller and lighter than the Torch 9860, which was significant, and only some people preferred RIM devices. It is still just as suitable and runs OS 7 as seamlessly as any other OS 7-based BlackBerry. You won't notice the screen's lower resolution because of its excellent ppi, contrast, and sunlight legibility.

The Curve 9360 is the ideal choice if one wants to keep the latest OS 7 as well as the physical keyboard. The specifications and features of this Curve with a QWERTY keyboard are identical to those of the Curve 9380. However, it lacks touch functionality and NFC capabilities. The cost of both Curves is similar. The cost of BlackBerries has always been higher than that of standard Android handsets. The high costs are not in BlackBerries' favor, but as far as we can tell, RIM will be keeping the same pricing strategy for a while. Therefore, one should either purchase this Curve with a suitable carrier deal or refrain from doing it altogether.

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