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Realme C30s Review


As explained here in much detail, the new Realme C30s is a distinctive smartphone. The device has features such as 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, one 8MP rear camera, and one 5MP front camera. KES 13,700 (7982.24 INR) is the current cost of this smartphone

Realme C30s Review

The price point is what caught the attention of the buyers when Realme Kenya first received the news release. Considering that several businesses sell units with the same RAM and Storage at much higher price points, getting a device with that amount of RAM and Storage at that pricing range seems a little odd.

Basic Specifications

1. Display

The screen of the phone is HD with a size of 6.5 inches. The teardrop notch at the top houses the front camera. The bottom bezel appears to be thicker than the bezels on the sides but is not. For the price, the display is decent. In addition to feeling quick and smooth, it is color accurate. Outside, it is noted that the light does not grow as bright, which impacts utilization. You will frequently need to increase the brightness inside to just below full for optimal viewing.

The screen will be suitable for media consumption if one wants to watch stuff on display. The only feature that interested users would miss is two speakers?one at the top and one at the bottom. There is only one speaker, and it is simple to block it while holding the device.

2. Design

This device's design is its strongest point. Realme achieved the aesthetic appeal that low-cost phones require in this case. The flat back is appealing to the users. The manufacturers embraced the single-camera design, which the buyers might enjoy. Although the phone is in no need of an additional AI and useless 2MP lenses.

The finish is plastic, and the rear has ridges. The device's top is uncluttered and has controls for power and volume on one side. The SIM Tray is located on the other side, while the Micro USB port, headset jack, speaker, and microphone are located on the bottom.

3. Battery

Nearly all manufacturers now include a 5000mAh cell in their products. The only slight difference is that it continues to charge via micro USB rather than Type-C. Due to the sluggish charging speeds, it will take approximately two hours to charge it from 0% to 100%.

The users should get roughly a day's worth of use with normal use. However, using 4G or WiFi might cause the battery to deplete quite quickly. One can only hope that these are just setup and initial usage concerns, and not typical.

4. Cameras

Similar to the majority of smartphones in this price range, the problem with cameras isn't that the lenses aren't good; rather, it's that the phone doesn't have the same processing power as higher-end devices, which prevents it from working on making the pictures taken through the lens as crisp and sharp as possible.

Photos taken in good lighting will be bright and clear, but the users would notice some problems with color accuracy. Even selfies might sometimes take a while to comprehend. And the CPU might be to blame for this.

5. Software and Performance

Although there is something unexpected about this phone. Surprisingly, it runs on Android 12 (GO Edition). It is believed Android GO was exclusively intended for smartphones with 2GB of RAM or less. We have 4GB here. There is, however, a 2GB RAM edition of this phone. Maybe for that reason, this 4GB variant also supports Android GO. The UNISOC budget processor featured here is also from 2018, and it is constructed using 28nm technology.

The users may still be able to download the necessary apps from the Play Store even if Android GO differs slightly from the full Android experience in a few places. Additionally, one would be able to get software upgrades regularly to enhance their entire experience. Performance-wise, it is advised to only purchase the 4GB RAM model. It occasionally stutters, but it still gives a good smartphone experience. That adequately covers social networking and other things like YouTube.


Given that the cost of RAM and storage has decreased over the past few years, the Realme seems to have approached the C30s by using an older processor instead, as newer ones are fairly pricey, running on Android Go after that to try to provide a respectable experience and then set the device's pricing competitively to appeal to a market that hasn't seen any significant disruptions in a while. To sum it up, this smartphone isn't a completely poor choice but adding a little more money to the budget could get the users a better phone, promising a better experience.

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