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Realme Narzo 50A Review


The smartphones in Realme's Narzo line are highly affordable. In February of 2021The Narzo 30A smartphone was introduced, and the Narzo 50A is its replacement. The design of the Realme Narzo 50A is both recognizable and distinctive. We've previously seen waterdrop notches and thick bezels on smartphones of this type.

Realme Narzo 50A Review

The device's starting price for the 4GB+64GB edition is Rs 11,499, making it competitive with a few other similarly priced smartphones in the already competitive, affordable market. We'll talk about the overall performance of the Narzo 50A in this review, contrast its features with those of its predecessor, and look at what's new. To discover more about the phone, let's start now.

India's Realme Narzo 50A Price, Variants, and Availability

If you're looking for a Realme Narza 50A, you can expect to pay between Rs 11.499 and Rs 12.499, depending on the RAM and storage configuration. For example, you can get 4GB RAM with 64GB storage for Rs 11.499 or 4GB RAM with 128GB storage for Rs 12.499. On Flipkart, you can get the Narzo 50A, which comes in two color options: oxygen green and oxygen blue.

Realme Narzo 50A Specifications

Let's look at the Realme Narzo 50A's specifications before getting into further information:

  • Screen size: 6.50 inches HD+ IPS LCD
  • RAM and ROM: 4GB/64GB and 4GB/128GB
  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio G85
  • Software: Android 11-based Realme UI 2.0
  • Selfie camera: 8MP Selfie Shooter
  • Rear camera: 50MP primary sensor with 2MP depth and 2MP macro
  • Dimensions: 164.5 mm x 75.9 mm x 9.6 mm
  • Battery: 6000 mAh
  • Weight: 207 grams

Design and Build

Realme Narzo 50A Review

The Narzo 50A's rear comprises matte polycarbonate and features a diagonal stripe pattern beneath the camera bump. A large rectangular camera unit is on the upper left of the phone's back. Surprisingly, the fingerprint reader and camera unit on the back are combined.

The volume and power buttons are located on the right-hand side of the device. While the volume controls require adjusting, the power button is easily reachable with both hands. The volume control button feels fragile despite the device's robust and sturdy construction.

While the overall design may seem strong to some, it is large and does not provide the most comfortable grip. On the other hand, the index fingers of both the left and right hands may use to access the fingerprint scanner. The ability to operate this thing with one hand is present.


Realme Narzo 50A Review

The selfie camera is in a tear-drop notch on the front 6.5-inch display. We now have many possibilities for FHD+ screens in the 10,000-12,000 price range. It could be unreasonable to pay Rs 11,499 for an HD+ display. Even if the phone has an excellent LCD, HD+ is not worth the asking price of Rs 11,499. In addition to the absence of AMOLED screens, the IPS LCD's 60 Hz display is disappointing.

Unfortunately, the phone is not WideVine L1 certified, which looks to be an essential obstacle to watching HD content on OTT sites. The automatic brightness adjustment's output is only somewhat bright, and the ambient light sensor's adjustments are uneven. It also seems like a significant error that Realme didn't offer a better refresh rate.

The screen display is sufficiently bright to be efficiently utilized outside. The color scheme has been optimized for people who prefer soft-focus color tones; still, the user may alter the color tone. Due to the LCD panel's relatively modest touch latency and 60Hz refresh rate, there may occasionally disappear following a touch. Despite no issues, this smartphone's display was just enough for playing games and watching movies.


Realme Narzo 50A Review

A MediaTek Helio G85 SoC powers the Narzo 50A, which uses Realme UI 2.0, an Android 11-based operating system. The phone has a maximum storage capacity of 128GB and a maximum RAM of 4GB. The storage capacity can increase to 256GB using a microSD card. Despite being an excellent SoC, the MediaTek Helio G85 is worth less than $12,000.

The identical chipset is included in handsets priced at $10,000 and even $9,000; however, Realme is asking for additional money for nothing. By the way, using a smartphone or playing games won't cause any issues. Open numerous Chrome tabs quickly and switch between resource-intensive apps like Spotify or Instagram.

Let's discuss game performance. If you're playing graphics-intensive games like BGMI, you must choose between lowering the visuals and experiencing a choppy frame rate. However, the device can use for extended gaming sessions without overheating. Remember that when playing intensive games like BGMI, you may encounter minor delays and FPS drops. The chipset can handle most tasks, but it's important to note that it's a budget chipset, so don't expect too much.


Realme uses its RealmeUI2.0 skin, one of the best and most sleek Android UI skins on the market today, and is based on the latest version of Android, Android 11. The UI may customize with live wallpapers, different icon sizes and shapes, dark mode, eye comfort, and other features.

The phone came with several pre-installed applications, including Amazon, Dailyhunt, Prime Video, Josh, and Snapchat. You should be able to delete most pointless programs, except for Realme's system apps like Compass, Calculator, HeyTap Cloud, Clone Phone, and others. Bloatware is still a problem, but other than that, the interface is quite user-friendly and gets regular software upgrades.


Realme Narzo 50A Review

The smartphone camera is one of its most essential features; intriguingly, it has improved over its predecessor. The primary camera has a 50MP resolution, and there are also 2MP depth and 2MP macro sensors. The selfie camera has an 8MP resolution. Although the image quality from the 50MP sensor is impressive, Realme still has to improve. Regardless, the pictures produced by this camera are stunning.

The 50MP lens produces excellent details with a broad dynamic range when daylight shooting. The exposure on the photographs is well-balanced, and the colors seem pretty natural but with a minor deformed aspect. Despite the quick shutter speed, the focus has a tiny delay. When there is sufficient light, the macro sensor produces exact clicks.

I experimented with the 50MP setting and discovered that the pictures were superior to those in the default mode. It is due to the excellent sensor, which enhances the colors in the photographs. The colors were little disappeared while using the macro camera, but the clarity was excellent. Why would an ultra-wide-angle camera be chosen over a macro camera? It has been better to use an ultra-wide lens instead of 2MP+2MP sensors. The quality of the selfie camera is average. Selfies have good details and an appropriate saturation level.


Realme Narzo 50A Review

One thing about which you cannot complain is the battery. When playing games, watching videos, or using social media apps, a 6,000mAh battery should give you about 10 hours of screen time. The Realme Narzo 50A's Helio G85 processor has a small form, which helps to reduce energy usage and increase battery life. The LCD also contributes to lowering power usage because it uses far less electricity than an AMOLED screen.

The 18W quick charging feature on the Realme Narzo 50A takes about 2.5 hours to charge the device entirely. Finally, the battery will more than satisfy you.

Audio, Connectivity, Biometrics

Realme Narzo 50A Review

The phone has several connectivity options, including dual SIM support, 4G Voice over LTE (VoLTE), 5G connectivity, dual-band Wi-Fi (Bluetooth v5.1), a 3.5mm headphone jack, and USB Type-C connectivity. Although the one bottom-firing speaker isn't powerful, it produces high-quality audio. Along with GPS, several types of sensors are available, including light, magnetic induction, proximity, and acceleration sensors.

The Realme Narzo 50A's face unlock feature and quick fingerprint scanner on the rear improve performance overall.

Pros & Cons


  • Outstanding daytime photography
  • 6000 mAh Large Battery
  • Reasonable efficiency with Helio G85
  • A large screen
  • Excellent Design
  • Specific memory card slot


  • Pre-install bloatware
  • Minimal refresh rate
  • No Ultra Wide Lens
  • No AMOLED screen
  • WideVine L1 certification is missing


Although the Realme Narzo 50A is a decent device for daily usage, there are more cost-effective options from other companies. It's got a good camera in the day, suitable hardware and battery life, and the chipset is good too.

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