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Vivo Y91i Review


2018 saw the release of the Vivo Y91i smartphone. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor provides 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

Vivo Y91i Review

Android OS v8.1 (Oreo) is the default operating system for the Y91i. Customers may benefit immediately from the robust features and functions this version of the operating system provides. The Vivo Y91i IPS display guarantees superb color reproduction to experience vivid and lifelike images.

A multi-camera arrangement on the Vivo Y91i is intended to give impressive shooting capabilities. The selfie camera on the Y91i shines in video calls and chats, producing crisp, clear output.

Vivo Y91i (Y91I) Specifications

Vivo Y91i Review

Check out the Vivo Y91i type Y91I when it comes out in 2018. It's a 163g smartphone with a 155.11x75.09x8.28 mm body and a black and blue color. It also has a nano SIM.

This phone has a lightweight design that encourages comfortable use, striking a good balance between weight and usefulness. A phone's design is also influenced by its size, with makers attempting to mix a streamlined aesthetic with practical usage. To suit different tastes, the Vivo provides various color options.

The information required for the mobile device to connect to a certain mobile network is on the SIM card. A tray-based method is typically used to insert and remove nano SIM cards. This design makes shifting or upgrading SIM cards much easier because you can readily reach the tray without using additional tools or taking off the device's battery.

The System

Vivo Y91i Review

The system is equipped with the latest Android 8.1 operating system, Oreo, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chipset. Octa-core CPU, quad-core Cortex-A53 processors running at 1.95 GHz and 1.45 GHz, with an addition, the device is equipped with an Adreno 505 GPU.

The preinstalled version of Android OS 8.1, Oreo, is the latest version of Google's operating system. This version of Android provides users with a smooth user experience, enhanced performance, and an immediate range of features. Google regularly releases Android updates, adding new features, improving performance, and enhancing security. The primary feature of the Vivo Y91i is its powerful processor, the Snapdragon 439.

The Vivo Y91i is equipped with an octa-core processor, providing exceptional processing power, allowing for rapid application loading, smooth multitasking, and satisfactory performance. The Adreno 510 GPU continues to improve its performance through regular driver updates and optimizations, providing enhanced graphical capabilities and supporting the latest graphics standards and APIs.

Vivo Y91i Display

Vivo Y91i Review

The screen size of the Vivo-Y91i is determined by the diagonal distance between one display corner and the other corner. The screen size of 6.22 inches is perfect for browsing online sites, reading articles, and reading e-books.

The text is more extensive and easier to read, so you don't need to zoom or scroll as much. The Vivo-X91i has an IPS display with a 720 x 1520 pixels resolution. It has a Multitouch display with multiple touch gestures.

Vivo Y91i Memory

The Vivo-Y91i smartphone offers only 16GB of internal storage space, which may be a limiting factor for users who require a large amount of space for their digital content. However, with the addition of microSD external storage, users may be able to expand the internal storage space to meet their needs and expand their storage options.

2GB of RAM is generally considered a sufficient amount of RAM for smartphones to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently. The advantages of having more RAM include improved responsiveness, faster application loading times, and smoother overall performance, providing users with a more enjoyable mobile experience.

The Vivo-Y91i Camera

Vivo Y91i Review

The Vivo-Y91i smartphone offers a range of camera features, including a 13+2 MP rear camera with an autofocus flash LED and an 8 MP front camera, allowing users to capture high-quality images with varying focus lengths and features.

The rear camera has an auto-focus function that adjusts the focus to ensure that subjects remain clear and sharp. At the same time, the integrated LED flash provides a reliable light source for well-exposed images in various lighting conditions.

The front-facing selfie camera also ensures that users can capture vivid self-portraits with a seamless, immersive experience.

Vivo Y91i Connectivity

The Y91i is equipped with a wide range of connectivity features, including Bluetooth v4.2 and A2DP, as well as GPS and GLONASS, to ensure reliable voice and data services for millions worldwide.

Additionally, the device's Wi-Fi capabilities enable users to connect to open wireless networks, eliminate the need for mobile data, and guarantee uninterrupted internet access. With the Y91i's 4G connectivity, users can enjoy faster download and upload rates, enhanced video streaming capabilities, and faster access to online content and services.

Thanks to the Vivo Y91i's Bluetooth connectivity, users can wirelessly connect to a wide range of Bluetooth devices, such as speakers and headphones, smart home devices, and more. The Vivo Y91i phone has an integrated GPS receiver, allowing users to enjoy outdoor adventures with confidence knowing they can count on accurate location and navigation.

The FM radio receiver enhances the gadget's multimedia capabilities and provides users with another form of entertainment and information while on the road. The Vivo Y91i has a micro USB port, which isn't the latest USB standard, but it's still a reliable way to charge and transfer data. It has a 3.5mm headphone port to listen to your favorite headphones without hassle.

Vivo Y 91i Battery

This battery in the Y91i isn't removable, so you don't have to worry about your phone running out of power. It's made of a lithium-ion battery that gives you a constant voltage output throughout its discharge cycle. That way, your phone can keep running smoothly without any significant voltage drops that could mess up your phone or cause any issues.

The Vivo-Y91i smartphone offers a combination of convenience and security with its integrated fingerprint scanner, providing users with a straightforward and reliable way to verify their device's authenticity.

Vivo Y91i Features

Vivo Y91i offers a range of features, including an accelerometer, compass, fingerprint sensor, gyroscope, and light proximity. Additionally, it is available with a dual SIM card.

The Vivo-Y91i has a built-in fingerprint reader, making it easy and secure to unlock your phone. It's a great way to make sure your phone is legit. An accelerometer sensor in your Vivo Y91i is essential for tracking and analyzing motion, so you can easily navigate, play games, and use other motion-related apps.

The gyroscope is built into the design to detect and interpret angular motions, making it easier to interact with. Plus, the compass is built-in, so you can find your way even if you're stuck in nowhere. With the Dual SIM feature, you can have two SIM cards for work and personal life or to get better network coverage.

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