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Tecno Phantom X2 5G Review

With its cutting-edge technology and feature-rich products, Tecno, a prominent global smartphone brand, continues to wow people in the rapidly expanding world of smartphones. The most recent model in Tecno's well-liked Phantom series, the Phantom X2 5G, promises a remarkable 5G experience with cutting-edge features and a gorgeous design.

Tecno Phantom X2 5G Review

Design and Construction Quality

The Tecno Phantom X2 5G has an eye-catching, stylish, and contemporary design. The phone has Gorilla Glass on both the front and back with a glass sandwich design that is kept together by a sturdy metal frame. Its curved edges and elegant, slender appearance provide a secure hold in the hand. With a sleek, simple camera module on the rear and subtle branding on the bottom, Tecno has also paid attention to the little things. The Phantom X2 5G is offered in various lovely colors, allowing customers to select a model that appeals to their style.


The gadget has a large 6.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and a fast refresh rate of 120Hz. The vivid colors and high contrast levels provide an immersive viewing experience for multimedia material, gaming, and daily work. The smoother interactions and animations brought about by the increased refresh rate enhance the user experience. Additionally, the in-display fingerprint sensor is quick and precise, offering convenient security to the Smartphone.


The Tecno Phantom X2 5G has a competent MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor under the hood, up to 8GB of RAM, and plenty of storage choices. Even with demanding apps and games, this potent combo's seamless multitasking and quick performance are guaranteed. Adding a 5G connection enhances the phone's capabilities, enabling users to enjoy quicker download and upload speeds, reduced latency, and increased network stability. The gadget demonstrated its strength in the mid-to-high-end smartphone sector throughout testing by efficiently handling resource-intensive activities.


The dynamic camera configuration of the Tecno Phantom X2 5G is one of its standout features. A 64MP primary sensor, a 13MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP telephoto lens with a 2x optical zoom make up the phone's triple camera system on the back. The camera performs admirably, providing rich, vivid shots in well-lit environments. The huge pixel size and sophisticated software algorithms are responsible for exceptional low-light performance. With features like Night mode, Portrait mode, and Pro mode, the camera's AI capabilities further improve and allow customers to experiment with their photographic techniques.

A 32MP selfie camera on the front of the Tecno Phantom X2 5G. Selfie fans will like their photos' excellent detail and realistic skin tones. The front cameras provide portrait mode and numerous aesthetic improvements for various user preferences.

User Interface and Software

Based on Android 12.1, Tecno's skin powers the Tecno Phantom X2 5G. The user interface is simple, clear, and simple to use. Tecno has made significant advancements in bloatware compared to earlier editions, providing a cleaner software experience. Various pre-installed programs are also included with the phone; however, most can be uninstalled or deleted if not needed.

Tecno Phantom X2 5G Review

Battery Life

The Tecno Phantom X2 5G maintains a respectable battery life thanks to its 5160mAh battery. A phone that easily lasts a full day of moderate usage is made possible by combining the power-efficient MediaTek processor and software optimizations. Heavy users, though, could discover they must grab the charger before the day is out. The device supports Fast charging, minimizing downtime and guaranteeing that users can rapidly top off their batteries when necessary.

Connectivity and Audio

As its name implies, the Tecno Phantom X2 5G features 5G connectivity, enabling faster mobile internet rates. The phone supports 5G and various communication standards, including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, and USB Type-C. Whether heard through the earpiece or the downward-firing speaker, the phone's audio output is powerful and wealthy, with excellent call clarity.


The Tecno Phantom X2 5G is a feature-rich smartphone that checks off many boxes for anyone looking for a high-end mid-range gadget. Its sophisticated appearance, brilliant display, and potent performance make it a pleasure to use for various activities. The camera system appeals to photographers with its remarkable image quality and adaptability, and the 5G connectivity secures the device for the future of the mobile internet.

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