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Nokia C21 Plus Android Smartphone Review


Display 6.5 inches HD+ (720 x 1600 pixels IPS LCD)
Processor Octa-Core (4x1.6 GHz Cortex-A55 + 4x1.2 GHz Cortex-A55)
RAM 3 GB, 4 GB
Internal Storage 32 GB, 64 GB
Memory Card Slot MicroSDXC (expandable up to 256 GB)
Battery Li-Pro 5050mAH
Connectivity 4G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth
Operating System Android 11 (Go edition)
Color Options Warm Grey, Dark Cyan
Price Rs. 9,000 to 11,000 (may vary)


The Nokia C21 Plus is a smartphone with a host of innovative features that will enhance your mobile usage experience. The smartphone was released in February 2022, and it has received major improvements over its predecessor, the Nokia C21 phone. It now offers even more features to tech fanatics and regular consumers.

Nokia C21 Plus Android Smartphone Review

The stunning display is one of the Nokia C21 Plus's most notable features. Whether browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games, its vivid and immersive screen brings your material to life with rich colors and precise details. The Nokia C21 Plus has an improved processor, which results in speedier performance and seamless multitasking. This guarantees that you can easily switch between programs and tasks without experiencing latency or slowdowns.

We will examine every specification of the Nokia C21 Plus in our thorough review, including its fantastic display, potent processor, stylish design, cutting-edge camera system, long-lasting battery, and the advantages of routine software updates. Now we will see how this smartphone blends innovation and utility to create a fluid and modern user experience that caters to all your mobile needs.


The Nokia C21 Plus is an appealing option for consumers looking for a contemporary smartphone with a sprint of elegance thanks to its design, which deftly blends beauty and usability. The device has a typical bar-shaped form factor, which feels familiar and cozy in the hand.

The Nokia C21 Plus strikes a mix between a compact profile and a big display with its slender measurements of 164.8 x 75.9 x 8.6 mm. This guarantees simple handling and portability, making it useful for daily use.

The Nokia C21 Plus's back panel is aesthetically pleasing and has a delicate yet striking finish. The device's appearance is complemented by the different color schemes, which gives consumers a variety of alternatives to choose from depending on their particular preferences.

Physical buttons and connectors are strategically placed for user comfort. The power button and volume controls are easy to reach and guarantee one-handed use. The Nokia C21 Plus offers splash protection, which shields the phone from unintentional spills and mild rain, even though its construction isn't entirely waterproof.


The Nokia C21 Plus sports an excellent display that, because of its mix of size, resolution, and display technology, improves the whole user experience. The phone's 6.52-inch IPS LCD HD+ screen provides a roomy canvas for viewing multimedia content, accessing the internet, and performing other duties.

Users can comfortably observe the screen from various orientations without any loss of color fidelity or contrast thanks to the IPS LCD technology's wide viewing angles. This makes it perfect for sharing content with friends or coworkers because everyone can see the display clearly. The Nokia C21 Plus offers clear and rich images because of its 720 x 1600 pixel resolution. When used regularly, text appears clear, and images are reproduced precisely, all adding to a pleasurable visual experience.

With 16 million color possibilities, the display can produce various hues levels. Photos, films, and graphics all seem unique and immersive due to the vivid and lifelike color representation produced.

The on-screen material seems fluid and well-defined thanks to the 269 PPI pixel density, which guarantees crisp graphics. The Nokia C21 Plus's display makes for a pleasurable and captivating experience, whether reading text, playing games, or watching videos. The capacitive touchscreen technology ensures accuracy and responsiveness when engaging with the display. It makes the user experience simple to use by enabling fluid app navigation, effortless scrolling, and precise touch input.

Camera Support and Stability

The Nokia C21 Plus is a dependable friend for quickly capturing priceless moments in life since it provides dependable camera support and steadiness. The phone has a dual-camera configuration on the back with a 13 MP primary lens and a 2 MP depth sensor. This allows for flexible photographic possibilities that can be used in various shooting situations.

The 13 MP primary lens produces sharp, clear photos with great detail and vibrancy. Whether you're photographing a landscape, a person, or an object up close, the camera produces reliable and appealing pictures. The 2 MP depth sensor adds a depth-of-field effect to portraiture, blurring the backdrop and highlighting the subject to produce professional-looking photographs quickly. Also, the Nokia C21 Plus enables Full HD (1080p) image and video recording, allowing users to capture moments in high definition for playback that is clearer and more detailed. The phone provides smooth and immersive footage that captures the essence of the scene by having the capacity to record videos at 1080p@30fps.

The phone's camera includes several capabilities, including panorama mode, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and LED flash, to improve the quality of photos. In low-light situations, the LED flash helps ensure that photos maintain clarity and color even in poorly lit areas. HDR makes the more comprehensive dynamic range possible, which balances exposure in difficult lighting conditions for more realistic-looking pictures. Users can take group or wide-angle photographs of precious moments or scenes using the panorama mode.

A 5 MP selfie camera on the front of the Nokia C21 Plus enables users to take selfies and connect over video calls to their loved ones. Although it doesn't have the exact resolution as the rear camera, the front camera nevertheless produces a respectable image for casual selfies and social media posts. However, considering the low price range, one shouldn't expect much from the front camera.

Connectivity and Ports

The Nokia C21 Plus has several ports and connectivity options to meet customers' needs for contemporary communication. Users can connect to Wi-Fi networks with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support, enabling quick internet browsing and access to online services. Users who need to stay connected on the go will find the hotspot a valuable option because it allows them to share their internet connection with other devices. It also has a micro USB 2.0 port for making physical connections and transferring data. This adaptable port makes it possible to charge the smartphone quickly and easily and to transmit data between the phone and a computer or other suitable devices.

The Nokia C21 Plus also has GPS, which enables precise navigation and location services. The A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) technology further improves the phone's GPS functionality, which offers quicker and more accurate position data. Despite lacking NFC (Near Field Communication) capability, the Nokia C21 Plus has a normal 3.5mm headphone socket. Customers can now connect their wired headphones or earbuds to enjoy hassle-free music without using any adapters.

Software & Performance

The Android 11 (Go edition) operating system, designed for smooth performance on low-cost handsets, is preinstalled on the Nokia C21 Plus. Android 11 (Go edition) guarantees a responsive user experience and makes the phone capable of handling everyday activities thanks to its lightweight and practical design. The phone works well because of the octa-core (4x1.6 GHz Cortex-A55 + 4x1.2 GHz Cortex-A55) CPU and the optimized operating system, giving consumers a smooth and trouble-free smartphone experience. The Nokia C21 Plus offers dependable performance for your daily needs, whether browsing the web, accessing social media, or running simple programs.

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) used in the phone is IMG8322. The IMG8322 offers adequate performance for handling most graphics-intensive tasks, including gaming and video playback, but is less potent than high-end GPUs.


The Nokia C21 Plus supports a variety of networks, enabling users to stay connected practically anywhere they go. Users can quickly put their individual SIM cards into the Nano-SIM card slots to access cellular networks for voice calls, SMS messages, and mobile data. Additionally, the phone gives users the choice of a single Nano-SIM or dual Nano-SIM setup, allowing them to use several phone numbers or utilize various network plans at once. No matter where they are or if they have special connectivity needs, users will always have access to communications and data because of the network's flexibility.

Storage Capabilities

The Nokia C21 Plus has impressive storage capacity, giving customers plenty of room to save their digital information. The device provides users with a selection of RAM configurations, including 3 GB and 4 GB, enabling seamless multitasking and adequate performance for various user preferences and tasks. The Nokia C21 Plus offers a responsive and fluid user experience, regardless of whether it is executing resource-intensive tasks or simple applications.

The Nokia C21 Plus provides 32 GB and 64 GB of internal storage options and flexible RAM choices. Users can keep important documents, films, and images on the device using these built-in storage choices. Users with average storage requirements can use the 32 GB variant, while those who need a lot of storage can choose the 64 GB variant, which offers more room. A flawless user experience is facilitated by having enough internal storage to access frequently used data and apps quickly. Furthermore, it has a dedicated microSDXC memory card slot, allowing for even more significant storage expansion. Users can attach a microSD card to add storage to accommodate huge items, such as more documents and media collections. Users can customize the storage on the device to meet their specific demands because of its remarkable flexibility and expandability.

Charging and Battery Life

A dependable Li-Po 5050 mAh battery powers the Nokia C21 Plus, providing a sizeable capacity that guarantees all-day usage. With the non-removable battery's long-lasting performance, users can use their devices for lengthy periods without frequent recharging.

The Nokia C21 Plus's powerful battery allows it to do various tasks?including web surfing, social media use, multimedia consumption, and more?without sacrificing battery life. Users no longer have to worry about running out of power and can stay connected, productive, and entertained. Additionally, it shields against unintentional battery removal, avoiding potential harm to the phone's internal parts. The non-removable design guarantees higher structural integrity, improving the device's durability and dependability.

During our testing, the Nokia C21 Plus battery life easily lasted a full day with casual activities like playing music, calling, messaging, web browsing, etc. However, with moderate daily use, consumers may find that their phone needs to be charged every night due to heavy load. The short battery life of the Nokia C21 Plus may end up being a detriment for customers who rely extensively on their smartphones for media consumption, gaming, or other power-intensive applications. However, for those who use their smartphone for daily casual tasks, the battery life may be sufficient for a day's worth of standard smartphone tasks.


The Nokia C21 Plus is a genuinely outstanding low-cost smartphone that outperforms its predecessor in many ways, particularly regarding processing speed and general design. The display quality is also great, making it an excellent option for consumers on a tight budget.

The phone has many advantages, but it also has some drawbacks. Users who require a speedy recharge may find its slow micro-USB charging bothersome, and some users may find the battery life a little disappointing. However, the Nokia C21 Plus delivers excellent value for money, given that it comes in a low-range price segment.

The Nokia C21 Plus stands out as a top competitor compared to other phones in the same price range. It is one of the better solutions available in the budget thanks to its strong performance, dependable construction, and decent display quality. It is a compelling option for individuals trying to get the most value out of their purchase without going over budget because its advantages outweigh its drawbacks.

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