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Google Pixel 6 5g Review

Google Pixel 6 5g is a brand new phone launched by Google. At the time of launch, it was assumed that this phone would not launch in India for several reasons. One of them is the need for more Google chips. If you compare it with Google Pixel 5, then a significant lead is grabbed by Google Pixel 6 5g. we will talk about all these in detail in the following article. The latest flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel 6 5G, was released in late 2021. Its features include several improvements over its predecessor, the Pixel 5.

Google Pixel 6 5g Review


We found the phone with no advertisement papers as we opened the box. The Google Pixel 6 5g color is very different and unique. This phone has not copied other mobile phones' designs and trends. For example, most mobile phones have uniform colors at the back and cameras at one of their sides. But Google Pixel 6 5g has two colors at its back. One peach color above the camera panel and another light cream color below the camera panel. A separate horizontal camera panel is provided. This form factor and look at the back looks nice and attractive. A small help book or documentation is given inside the box, which contains information about the features and functions of the phone. This documentation is beneficial in understanding the functions of this fantastic phone. A type C to type C cable, an OTG adapter, and a USB type A to type C are given in the box. After all this good news, there is one bad news for the customer: the non-availability of the charger in the box. Most public reviews say that Google has copied this trend from Apple. The way Apple is not providing adapter chargers for its mobile phones, usually known as iPhones, is the same way Google is bringing its phone without chargers into the market.

In Hand Feel

Google Pixel 6 5g has a beautiful in-hand feel, and this camera bump, which is more like a camera strip, is also a good choice by Google. It is raised quite a bit with about 2 mm. But the phone does not bumble because of this, and the stability on the flat surface remains maintained. It feels quite slippery on the sides. Google Pixel 6 5g pro is more curved than the Google Pixel 6 5g. Gorilla glass protection is provided on both sides of the phone.

Ports and Buttons

If we look at the side of the phone below, we will observe a speaker grill, a microphone grill, and a USB-type C port. On the left-hand-side sim card frame is there. Looking at the right-hand side, there is a power button above and a volume rocker below it, which is generally the other way around. These buttons are pretty good, clicky, and comfortable to press. It has a single sim card slot (physical) and supports e-sim. There is no SD card slot.

Weight and Design

The weight of the Google Pixel 6 5g is approx. 206.3 g to 206.3 g. looking at its weight, you may consider it heavy, but it is not felt much heavier when in our hands. The Google Pixel 6 5G introduces a new design language with a centered hole-punch camera cutout on the front and a camera bar on the back containing several camera sensors. The phone contains a glass back and an aluminum frame. It follows a 3:2 body ratio.


The Google Pixel 6 5g has a larger and higher-resolution display than the Pixel 5. The exact specifications may vary, but you can expect an OLED panel with a smooth 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate for a more fluid user experience. If we compare the Google Pixel 6 5G with Google Pixel 6 Pro, we will know various display changes. The Google Pixel 6 5G displays 6.4 inches, FHD + function, and 90 HZ refresh rate. The Google Pixel 6 Pro has a display of 6.71 inches, QHD + function, and a 120 HZ refresh rate. The Google Pixel 6 Pro has an LTPO screen and an adaptive fast refresh rate. You will also experience HDR 10 + on both mobiles. Both have a center punch-hole camera, and they have good displays too.

Performance and Cameras

The Pixel 6 5G is expected to be powered by Google's custom-designed chipset, which should provide improved performance and energy efficiency compared to previous Pixel devices.

Google has always focused on photography with its Pixel devices, and the Google Pixel 6 5G is likely to continue that trend. This phone has an upgraded camera system with multiple sensors, including wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses. The tensor chipset is customized for its AI and Machine Learning, and with its beauty, it analyses in real-time and does the job of erasing objects from a captured photo very clearly. When you see an edited photo for the first time, you will hardly know whether any object has been erased. Magic eraser does this job very beautifully. Google Pixel 6 5G captures amazing photos in every light condition, like low light areas and very high amounts of light areas, in night mode (night mode takes 5 seconds to capture a photo). In every condition, the camera has performed very well.

User Interface

The Google Pixel 6 5g has a clean, smooth, fast User Interface. The latest phones of Google come with an Android 12 version. There is no bloatware at all. So, it has all Google apps. The tensor chipset with the fast refresh rate is responsible for this clean and smooth UI.

A Bloatware is a set of programs or instructions that is less useful but occupies a significant space in the memory. These kinds of software are responsible for lagging UI.

Google Tensor Chipset

Google Pixel 6 5G has UFS 3.1 and LPPDR5 RAM type. So, it has the latest version of RAM and ROM. This can be experienced while playing games. For example, the Ultra HD settings work well while running heavy games like BGMI and Call of Duty.

  • AnTuTu Benchmark v9.2.1: The AnTuTu benchmark is a ranking tool that ranks or gives a score to your Android mobiles or tablets based on various tests. This software conducts different tests, checks the device's performance, and provides you with the score. You can use this score to compare your device with other devices and analyze the gaming UI to select the best out of averages. On paper, the Pixel 6's AnTuTu score is more than 5.35L, which can be considered a little less score. This result must be clarified as this mobile performs very well in almost all conditions.

Variants of Google Pixel 6 5g

This phone's basic features and functionalities are the same in all versions. Its versions are divided based on storage. RAM is fixed at 8 GB, and you may get a choice in ROM (either 128 GB or 256 GB). Its price is 599 USD which is approx. 45 to 46k.

You will get all sensors, but being vanilla Android, you do not get any face unlock feature in Google Pixel 6 5G, but you have an display finger unlock system. The phone also provides five years of security updates. There is no FM radio or 3.5 mm jack, but it has an IP68 certification and stays underwater for around 30 minutes.

Final Review

The Google Pixel 6 5g is a fantastic Android phone released by Google. This phone is reasonable but is a perfect phone at a perfect cost based on what it is offering. The phone offers the latest connectivity options like Wi-Fi 6E, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, and eSIM. The camera of the phone is also nice. The phone contains almost everything that a customer expects from a device.


The Google Pixel 6 5G is a flagship smartphone that brings significant improvements over its previous models. With its unique design, impressive camera system, clean user interface, and powerful performance, the Pixel 6 5G offers a compelling package for smartphone enthusiasts. The upgraded camera system captures beautiful photos in various lighting conditions, and the Tensor chipset provides enhanced AI capabilities. The larger, higher-resolution display and the fast refresh rate deliver a smooth and immersive user experience. While the absence of a charger in the box may disappoint some, the Pixel 6 5G makes up for its overall features and performance. With a competitive price point, this phone is worth considering for those seeking a high-quality Android device.

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