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Moto C Plus Review

Moto C Plus ships with the Android OS v7.0 (Nougat). However, Motorola's dedication to regularly releasing software updates guarantees that users can upgrade to newer versions whenever they become accessible to the operating system. The jaw-dropping IPS display on the Moto C Plus smartphone elevates visual quality to a new level. The Motorola Moto C Plus's IPS panel displays photos and videos with great detail and vivid colors thanks to its high resolution and superb color accuracy.

Moto C Plus Review

Consider smartphones with more sophisticated camera systems if photography is a top concern for you and you want advanced camera functions or improved image quality. With crisp, detailed video output, the Moto C Plus selfie camera excels in video calls and chats.

Motorola Moto C Plus measures 72,3 mm in width, 144 mm in height, and 10 mm in thickness. The weight, which is 162 g in the case of this model, is also crucial.

The 5" TFT screen of the Motorola Moto C Plus has a resolution of 1280x720. It reaches a 294-per-pixel density.

The Motorola Moto C Plus has 16 GB of storage for general data storage, 2 GB of RAM, and 2 GB of storage for apps, videos, photos, and other media. To complete its technical specifications, we will find an MT6737 processor with one core and a speed of 1.3 GHz in each of its trips. A microSD card can be used to increase the storage memory.

Android 7.0 serves as the Motorola Moto C Plus operating system. An 8 MP resolution is available on the Moto C Plus rear camera. Also, you can record HD 720p MP video. There is also a 2 MP front camera on the Moto C Plus.

Moto C Plus Review

Having a battery with a 4000 mAh capacity, the Motorola Moto C Plus has one. Aside from that, keep in mind that the battery is removable, allowing you to switch it out at any time for a replacement.

The Motorola Moto C Plus uses a nano sim card for connectivity in addition to the technical specifications you see to your right. Additionally, it has a Dual SIM, enabling simultaneous use of two cards. With Spain's 3G networks, this Motorola Moto C Plus is compatible.



The Moto C Plus weighs only 162 g and is suited for daily usage because it is easy to grip and carry. A phone's entire form factor and ergonomics are greatly influenced by its dimensions. There are several different color options available for the Moto C Plus. The subscriber's data, including their identity number, mobile network credentials, and contact information, are safely stored on the SIM card. Nano SIM cards make moving your mobile service from one device to another simple. You can rapidly switch between devices without any fuss by removing the nano SIM card from one device and inserting it into another compatible one.

Moto C Plus Review


You'll have access to all the cutting-edge features, upgrades, and improvements that come with Android OS v7.0 (Nougat) as soon as you get your hands on the Motorola Moto C Plus. Android has many customization options, enabling users to add unique wallpapers, themes, and launchers to their handsets. Additionally, users can modify several settings to customize the behavior of the gadget to their tastes.

The Moto C Plus excels in performance and responsiveness thanks to the Mediatek MT6737 chipset. The Moto C Plus achieves a commendable balance between performance and cost-effectiveness thanks to its quad-core CPU in the mid-range class. The Mali-T720 MP2 uses effective bandwidth and memory management strategies to boost performance while having the least possible negative effects on system resources. For Android smartphones, AnTuTu Benchmark is the go-to benchmarking tool, allowing users to assess the overall performance of their gadgets.


Moto C Plus Review

The diagonal distance between one display corner and the other is used to determine the screen size. Users who prefer a more immersive multimedia experience, increased productivity, and flexible multitasking options frequently opt for screens with a 5-inch diagonal. The Motorola Moto C Plus provides a visually appealing experience with a display resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The Moto C Plus's multi-touch capable screen makes it simple to interact with the device.


Moto C Plus Review

The Motorola C Plus is built of plastic, but its large battery makes it extremely hefty. The phone has thick dimensions as well, though they may have been reduced since the Redmi 4, which has a similar battery size, was able to have a smaller design. The front has a plastic ring resembling a metal ring, detracting from its premium appearance and striking it as an unnecessary addition. However, the design and weight offer the phone some durability. It has a reliable construction and is simple to use. Sadly, the capacitive buttons on the front's all-glass front do not have backlighting. The back has a textured finish that improves grip and is comfortable.


It is well-accepted that a smartphone may function better with just 1 GB of RAM. A smartphone's ability to run memory-intensive apps, engage in lag-free multitasking, and retain a high level of responsiveness during device use are all made possible by more RAM. The Moto C Plus smartphone has a meager 16 GB of storage, which might need more for individuals with vast multimedia collections or those who frequently install and use heavy applications. Use the Moto C Plus expandable storage option, which enables you to insert a microSD card and increase the internal storage, giving you more room for your documents, pictures, and videos.


Moto C Plus Review

By choosing a single camera configuration for its back, the Moto C Plus smartphone prioritizes economy and simplicity. When using the autofocus feature of the Moto C Plus phone's camera, you may take pictures with ease and accuracy even when the subject is moving quickly, or the lighting is difficult. The Moto C Plus's rear-mounted LED flash allows users to take beautiful pictures with balanced lighting, enhancing the clarity and brilliance of their photography. Users of the Moto C Plus smartphone can easily take selfies and make video calls to their loved ones thanks to the front-facing camera on the device.


Millions of people worldwide still have access to dependable voice and data services because of GSM networks. The Moto C Plus supports 4G, ensuring that users may connect to their preferred apps and platforms and access internet services, resulting in a fluid and responsive user experience. The Moto C Plus smartphone has built-in Wi-Fi capability, allowing users to quickly connect to Wi-Fi networks and browse the internet comfortably and effectively.

The Moto C Plus smartphone features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to remote control compatible devices, exchange media, and connect and transfer information wirelessly. The Moto C Plus smartphone has a built-in GPS receiver, making it convenient for users to geotag photos, track their whereabouts in real-time, and use location-based services while on the go. Users of the Moto C Plus may tune in to their preferred radio stations whenever and wherever they want, thanks to the device's built-in FM radio receiver, which offers a flexible entertainment choice.

MicroUSB is a Moto C Plus smartphone feature that makes it easy to connect to other electronics. The Moto C Plus smartphone caters to people who value the comfort and dependability of traditional wired audio equipment with its built-in 3.5 mm headphone socket, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content with better sound quality.


Moto C Plus smartphone users can enjoy a longer battery life while on the go thanks to the Li-Po 4000 mAh battery. The remarkable energy efficiency of Li-Po batteries is well recognized. For smartphones, this means improved battery performance and longer usage times because they can convert a higher percentage of the stored energy into usable power. The Moto C Plus smartphone offers consumers the security of knowing they have a dependable power source that can be quickly changed out because it has a removable battery.


The Moto C Plus's exceptional performance in a variety of applications and games is largely due to its accelerometer sensor, a critical component. This sensor allows for accurate motion detection. The Moto C Plus phone allows users to divide their personal and professional communications while keeping their individual phone numbers and network profiles on one single device thanks to its Dual SIM functionality.

Moto C Plus Review

The details were compiled using the manufacturer's official data, but we also considered user reviews. Be bold and let us know if you discovered a mistake or something that needs to be added to the Motorola Moto C Plus's list of specifications.


The Moto C Plus offers 16GB of internal storage, a 1.3GHz quad-core Mediatek CPU, and 2GB of RAM. Additionally, the tablet accepts microSD cards up to 128GB in size. We discovered the Moto C Plus to be generally fluid in our limited usage. The phone manages everything with ease, including multitasking and unexpected app switching.


The Moto C Plus runs the same version of Android as previous Moto handsets. As we previously mentioned, it comes pre-installed with Android 7.0 Nougat. There is no bloatware on the interface, which is tidy. However, because the gadget is in the low-cost market, the interface and other features are relatively simple.


The Motorola C Plus is hit or miss. It comes with Stock Android, which greatly enhances the performance of the phone, and it has outstanding battery life. It has a sturdy structure, even though it may not look spectacular. However, it lacks the performance and camera quality that the ordinary user would expect from a smartphone. The Moto C Plus is for those who enjoy hefty mobile devices and stock Android. Redmi 4, on the other hand, is a significantly better deal regarding performance, camera quality, and usage value.

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