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Realme C33 Review

With the advancement in technology, mobile phones are becoming smarter and hence they are now called smartphones. They are just as good as computers for doing most tasks these days. Due to this, there are many mobile phones available in the market with different sizes, shapes, colors, bodies, and features. There is fierce competition in the market regarding smartphones. One, as a manufacturer, always wants to make and sell better than the other, and one, as a user, always wants to buy better, considering the budget.

Realme C33 is a notable phone in the low-budget segment as there is huge competition between several brands across the globe. Realme C33 is one of the top-rated Mobile Phones launched in India.

Realme C33 Review

Realme is a trendy and trusted mobile phone brand established in 2018. It has launched many affordable smartphones like Realme C30s, Realme Narzo 50i Prime, and one we recognize, Realme C33. Realme C33 is one of the budget offerings for smartphones launched in India. It is affordable and contains remarkable features with its stylish, attractive view. Its packaging, design, display, and features make it worth buying for people. So, let's talk about its details, even the little things that should be taken care of.


Display 6.50-inches (720x1600) HD+
Processor Unisoc T612
Front Camera 5 MP
Rear Camera 50MP + 0.3MP
Storage 32GB, 64 GB (Expandable up to 1 TB)
Battery Capacity 5000mAh
OS Android 12

Packaging: Unboxing the Realme C33

Nowadays, people pay attention not only to the device but also to its packaging. This is because the first impression itself forms the user's opinion of the respective brand. So, the packaging that comes with the Realme C33 mobile is premium, attractive, and informative. One would see a simple box made up of thin cardboard. Along with the handset, the package includes typical components used with mobile phones, such as a charger required to charge the mobile, a micro USB cable, a SIM tray eject tool, a warranty card, and some documentation. Notably, the screen protector comes pre-installed with the phone itself.

Design Build Quality

The Realme C33 sports a design that is good-looking and eye-catching. The body of the Realme C33 is made up of well-built plastic that makes it look attractive. There are shimmery patterns on its rear which glitter when light hits on it. There are dual cameras provided at the back that are placed as individual units. Due to camera bumps, the phone wobbles on a flat surface. Taking care of the mobile is important as it is prone to scratches since there is no protective mechanism. It is suggested to use any good quality back cover to protect it from unwanted accidents.

If we talk about the power and volume buttons, they are placed in comfortable positions on the right side of the phone. Also, the Realme C33 is lightweight (around 187 grams), making it easy to carry and handle.


The display of Realme C33 is 6.5 inches and offers good image quality and brightness. It has HD+ resolution and good viewing angles. The touch screen makes it easy to open apps and switch screens. The only area where the Realme C33 lacks is its surface (screen) as swiping through the screen is not as smooth as one might expect. The surface of the mobile could have been made smoother, which would have made the overall experience better. Using good quality glass can solve this problem to some extent.

Audio or Sound Quality

If we talk about the mobile's audio, it has a single speaker. The speaker is loud but doesn't sound rich. The bass in the speaker is thin; however, it is properly turned for vocals. We also get a 3.5mm headphone jack in this model, making it easy to connect wired earphones. Despite the 3.5mm jack support, the phone does not come bundled with wired earphones, so one will have to buy a new one separately.


On the front side, we get a 5MP selfie camera. The 5MP selfie camera is unexpected for an affordable price. It records videos only at 720p which is a compromise when compared to other mobile phones that offer 8MP selfie cameras with 1080p video recording. However, the still images have surprising details for the resolution. But, the selfie camera could have been better. The portrait shots from the front camera face the same issues as the rear-facing camera. Portrait images lack sharp corners.

On the rear side, the Realme C33 consists of a 50MP primary camera, an upgraded form from previous generation Realme phones. There is also a 0.3 depth sensor, which is unnecessary as the chipset and software are not so capable of capturing pictures even with a secondary camera or depth sensor. This addition is for display only.

The primary camera on the back is good as it captures good images in the presence of enough light. The noise is controlled nicely, and the colors are realistic. Despite this, one will get dull images in low-light scenarios, but again, that is compensated with a price. The dynamic range of the camera could be more comprehensive. The shadows are found to be underdeveloped in Realme C33, but it is above the par value of price. It may capture minor details better when the object is zoomed in from the camera settings. However, the quality is not as expected. Even the portrait images captured with the Realme C33 do not look natural as the blurring is applied unevenly in the photos.

When discussing low-light conditions, the camera needs improvements to focus on the subject quickly. The images contain noise, and the details are low. Even when the Night Mode is activated, there is no improvement to the noise or dynamic range, due to which one gets fewer details of the images when using the camera in dark or low light areas.

The details of the video are below par when shot using Realme C33. The camera struggles to focus even in daylight, and the dynamic range is low. There is no support for image stabilization, so the video looks shaky when recorded while walking. Although the camera supports recording at 1080p, it looks like the video was shot in 720p and then up-scaled to 1080p. Videos become even worse in low light conditions.


The Realme C33 runs Android 12 with customized Realme UI S on top of Android. It contains more features than Realme UI Go Edition that can be seen on mobile phones like Realme 30. It is believed that Realme will be providing two significant Android OS updates and three years of security patches with the Realme C33.

The software contains a simple app launcher with few distinct features. There is a consistent clock and a weather widget that one can't remove. Also, one can't change the home screen's styling or the size of the icons, which is normally seen in other Realme phones. The mobile phone has pre-installed apps like Hey Fun, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, and Sharechat. One can uninstall them if they find them unnecessary. Overall, Realme C33 is way better than Realme C30 or Realme 30s in terms of software and its features.


The Unisoc Tiger T612 chipset is utilized in Realme C33, which powers it efficiently. This chipset is also found on other affordable Realme phones like Realme C30, Realme Narzo 50i Prime, and Realme 30s. The chipset with 4G RAM and 64 GB storage performs quite well. The apps or media files open quickly on the mobile phone.

Although it is not made for gaming, the phone can handle most casual games without a drop in performance. Hence, great care should be taken in choosing a game or app with graphic-intensive tasks.

Battery Capacity and Life

The Realme C33 mobile phone takes almost 3 hours to charge fully from 0 to 100%, which is quite disturbing. Since it houses a 5000mAh battery, the Realme C33 should have received at least 15W fast charging support, which could have reduced the charging time. If fully charged, it can last between 1 to 1.5 days, depending on the casual usage.


Despite all the flaws the Realme C33 has, it is an affordable option with good design and build quality and a better primary camera for the price. Although its charging is quite slow, it is not a problem as it can provide a good backup with a 5000 mAh battery if handled well. The battery can last for a day on regular use but heavy use can reduce its duration. If someone is looking for a mobile device with good design and good performance on a low budget, then this Realme C33 phone can undoubtedly be a good option.

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